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i started blogging with a mindset of "fashion posts are what i'm going to do here"..but i faced difficulties especially mister and i had to work full-time from 8am-6pm, we don't have enough time to snap any good photos. since i love blogging (i dream to be professional writer all the time) i added in my lifestyle, thoughts and imaginations to spice up my blog.

i moved to singapore since 2008 and since then,i fall in love with this country and reluctant to move back to malaysia again. growing up in borneo island is such a blessing for me, as i always thought that borneo is the best place in malaysia.

mister and i registered our marriage since may 2009 and we had our custom marriage (we're chinese) four years later,on december 2013.we don't have kid yet, but we planning on this soon..but not now.

beside working full-time and blogging part-time, i did registered myself for part-time diploma in local polytechnic. nowadays, my schedule is fully pack with night classes, assignments and exam!!

i love photography a lots! i believe through my pair of eyes and camera lenses can see this world more beautifully and clearly. i believe different angles have different points of view and perspective.

my daily life could be slightly boring, but i believe memories have to written down.and this blog is the purpose to keep all the happiness and positiveness.
so,let's be pal and stay for a while.. or you may email me  josephineling85@hotmail.com 

xoxo josephine c.

making appearance in:-
OMY Blog-Mc Donald's food tasting event

-update june 2015-

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