Saturday, March 11, 2017

Each Month -- February 2017

Finally, I've time to let myself sit down on my desk and blog. I've being extremely busy for few weeks doing part-time business and full-time day job kept me fully occupied. How's everyone in February? I've love-hate relationship with February.

Love- February is a "Love Month" whereas I can felt love all over the air when Valentine's Day was around the corner. February was a month that I can received paycheck few days earlier than other months. $_$

Hate- Too short! 28 days seem a lots but compared to 31 days..meh~

I came back from Malaysia after Chinese New Year's celebration on first of Feb. And went to office the next day to catch up with all the undone works. My office desk always got messier whenever I went off for leave few days..bear in mind, I don't have assistant to sort out those paperwork. I was busy for a week and Mr and I flew to Bali to attend seminar and short getaway. I was very excited as Bali is a place I wish to go for so long.

We attended seminar for 2 days and explored the island the remaining days. We managed to witness the most beautiful sunset, the longest historical temple and ate locals food. We went with a group of friends, although we had limited time to explore Bali, we enjoyed ourself so much. Bali, I will be back for you, AGAIN! I promise!

Also, Mr and I managed to squeeze some free times on Sunday for hiking with friends. Both of us have busy schedule, so whenever we have extra minutes we will prefer to do outdoor exercises just to keep us healthier. Lucky, I have a bunch of friends who likes outdoor activities too.

I also met up with my ex-colleagues which we lost contacts with each others 8 years ago. There was once I shared memory photo in my Facebook page and suddenly everyone popped up replying and finally we got everyone's phone numbers and we sat down one night to catch up what we left 8 years ago. Facebook, you're amazing!

Also, I registered myself in Artistry Advanced Beauty Course. In this 2 days course, I learnt about dinner makeup, party makeup, creative makeup, skin colors, face & body shapes, hair grooming and tips on makeup. I walked out from my comfort zone and did this crazy scary creative makeup with superb dark lipstick. What do you think of this creative makeup?

Other than that, my days were repeated on the same routines. Mr was great and I was great too. We all lives trying to build our dreams. I started to tell myself "Never Give Up" whenever I faced obstacles and rejections. And trust me, it works amazingly!

"Difficulties in your life don't come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden potential"

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