Sunday, February 5, 2017

Score Amazonian Race 2017

When last year Score Amazonian Race announced the registration started for 2017, my sister-Angeline invited us to join as a team for the race. Without much hesitation and without much knowledge what it was about, I said yes! I almost dropped my jaw when I went in the webpage and read what was the race about..first thought, I don't want to get wet and I don't want to be muddy. Yet, I don't want to disappointed my sister too..last thought, let's do it together!

Score Amazonian Race is a challenging yet fun adventure filled with engaging obstacles for women who want to test their limits, but have a great time and socialize with other women at the same time. Get dirty, muddy, crazy and have fun with the girlfriends. No racing against time, we can do it the ways we like.

Fast forward, 7th January came. We wore the same tops and the same shoes to represent we are a team. I suggested tutu skirts, but my sisters claimed that it will be inconvenience for us to time, I should stick with tutu skirt as I saw some women were cute in their tutus.

The obstacles course was behind Sepang International Circuit. The course length was 5km, and there were 12 obstacles in between to test our grit and strength. The trail was a mix of a challenging trek through jungle, road and water trail. We ran, swung across the pool of mud, crawled, climbed and slid into the cold muddy pool.

My biggest fear was height. I had to convince myself to climb DIY pallet climbing wall and the cargo net obstacle which was as high as double-story building. Okay, I maybe exaggerated a bit here on the height level but you get what I meant if you have those acrophobia.

At the end of the race, we collected our finisher tees and victory bracelets.

As siblings, we didn't get to meet each others so often as we stayed in different states. Through this race, we got to know each others better and our relationships grew stronger. Whenever one of us unable to pass the obstacles, the remaining will started to motivate each others. I'm so proud of this bonding! We did created some scars and burns through the race, but nothing more valuable than our feelings towards each others grew stronger than ever.

I'm glad Angeline made a right choice to register all of us into the race. Or else, we won't have this memories now. Thanks, Angeline..

#it's pretty muddy
#sisters together stronger forever

"We are stronger than we can imagine. So, never give up!"

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