Saturday, February 4, 2017

Each Month -- January 2017

Happy February!! How fast the time passes!

January has been an incredible month. January passed in a blink of eyes, without me realizing it. I've grown to learn appreciating every moments before it passes.
January was a busy month for me. As I'm working in Human Resource Department, I had to rush for all the bonus payout and month-end salary before Chinese New Year arrive. I remembered I had no room to breath and felt extremely tension for all the works. Lucky me, it all passed now.

In the other hand, I was glad that my sister,Angeline registered me and my siblings for the Amazonian Race in Sepang, Kuala Lumpur early of the month. I flew back to KL and met up with siblings for the event. This was my first time ever attending Amazonian Race whereas I had to get dirty in mud and pools of cold water. Never regret for the dirtiness and the scars created, as those memories were worth thousand years! *I will do another blogpost for that Amazonian Race*

This year, Chinese New Year fell on 28th January..which is Year of Rooster. Mr and I took few days annual leave to return to KL for the celebration. I spent first day in Mr's house and went to my sister's place to meet my family after that. My parents decided to stay in KL on this festival instead of us going back hometown as the claimed air tickets were way too expensive to hometown rather than they came to KL. We spent a good amount of times together creating more memories and laughter.
*more posts to come soon*

For January month, I'm loving this quote:

"Life is and interesting journey, live out our own way rather than someone's else shadow"

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