Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 -- Day 2

Day 2 was extremely boring, due to weather. We unable to predict the weather as every seconds the weather changed rapidly. Sometimes it poured too hard, sometimes Mr Sun shined brightly.
My sister suggested we should stayed indoor instead of outdoor. Hence, movie time!!

We decided on Kungfu Yoga directed by Stanley Tong, starring by Jackie Chan and some other actors. We choose this movie only because of Jackie Chan. My dad is a huge fan of dad watched almost every movies starred by Jackie Chan.

 My dad is a conservative old man. We knew he was pretty excited for this movie session, yet he won't show his excitement on his face. This is my old man :) The movie lasted for 107 minutes, we left the cinema with smile on face as some scenes were so funny that we laughed so hard. Movie session considered success as my dad was happy with the movie, and my mum did not fall asleep in between the movie. #happyparentshappyfamily

After movie, I treated my parents & siblings some boba drinks. We all love boba milk tea..who doesn't love boba milk tea,am i right?

We ended our day with steambot and chit-chatting whole day, whole night..this is how we spent most of our day whenever we gathered. No end conversation..

"Every family has a story to tell..Welcome to Ours"

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