Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 -- Day 1

us without angeline

Happy Chinese New Year 2017 to everyone!! Please accept my greetings although this greeting supposes to come a week earlier.

This year is Rooster Year!! My parents decided to stay in my sister's apartment in KL to celebrate CNY instead as the air tickets were too expensive if each of us fly back to hometown. My dad reluctant at first as he's strong believer that CNY should be celebrated in hometown. But..I guess he understand a theory of #happywifehappylife. My mum won!! Yeah!! so this year CNY in KL.

Angeline did not join us this year for celebration as she had to stay with her in-laws in Kuching.We absolutely miss her so much!

my parents & my in-law
in-law's dishes

Mr and I took leave from 26th January till 1st February for the CNY holidays.I stayed in my in-law's house for reunion dinner. My in-law cooked yummilicious dinner for us, while on the other side, my mum cooked 15 dishes for my dad & siblings! When she started, she can't stop cooking. Crazy!

On the first day of CNY, I went to my sister's place before lunch to meet up with my family. I misses them so much that I can't waited any longer to see them! KL is a very boring city when it came to festive seasons. Most of the humans went back hometown, some places closed down for the celebration and most of the highways were so empty (which is good as no traffic jam). We went to city-Petaling Street & Bukit Bintang to view CNY's decorations and just to waste some times before dinner. Of course, I won't left without any street photos..

As the weather was extremely hot, we decided to go home earlier. After dinner, we spent a good amount of times stacking jenga and Blackjack. My father & brothers took turned to be dealer, we gambled and I lose some money. But it was still a fun time :)

First day was so relaxing, full of laughter and happiness.

"The love of a family is the life's greatest blessing"

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