Wednesday, February 22, 2017

First Impression Review: Beauty Keeper - MDMMD from Taiwan & Slimway

I always adores skincare products from Taiwan. I still remembered I went to Taiwan few years back and I went crazy shopping for sheet masks in Watsons. I ended had to buy extra luggage to put all the supplies as the luggage that I brought insufficient space. That's how crazy I am for the Taiwan's skincare.

Two weeks ago, Sample Store approached me to try beauty products from BeautyKeeper. Honestly, I've never heard of this website before, but I wish to be more openly to try new things. Hence, I agreed to do review and waited patiently for my parcel to arrive. To my surprise, I received MDMMD skincare products and SlimWay. Both brands are extremely new for me, but I want to be more adventurous too.


Originated from Taiwan, Beauty Keeper is a platform for customers to pick their own beauty goods, trendy and stylish products, such as skincare, makeups and beauty supplements. Beauty Keeper offers premium quality items with reasonable prices, whereas they signed contracts directly with the manufacturers which able to provide fully inspection reports and source of materials in between their cooperation with Beauty Keeper.


MDMMD, Taiwan original brand, commits to provide first class skincare and cometics products. It is an award winning online cosmetics brand, whereas one of the award was 2014 Yahoo Taiwan Beauty Award.


New technology - UPRA is rich in high concentration of compound yeast extract. It prevents and delays aging, improves flaky skin while brightening, moisturizing, replenishing the basic need of skin layers.
Gamma-Polyglutamic Acid, a natural herbal extract which known for herbal collagen is rich in vitamins and multiple enzyme complexes. It helps stimulates the production of moisturizing in skin cells to create longer hydration to our skin.
Sodium Hyaluronate increases penetrations to skin easier and gives moisturizing and firming effects to skin.


On a clean face, pour sufficient amount to your palm or cotton pad and gently apply onto your skin, follow with gentle massage.



Non-sticky texture but slightly thicker compares to other toners/essence, which  is why I need to shake harder for the essence to pour out from the bottle. Fragrance-free is the bonus too, for me :)


Before using, I read and watched several videos on the reviews for this essence. Almost every post & videos gave positive reviews and feedback on this essence. I have to try it as fast as I can! The results is significant! My skin felt extra moisturized and smooth after the application. I can definitely noticed that my pores are getting smaller after few uses. Highly recommended!


All in one skincare-toner,serum & lotion which creates no fuss for consumers. Contains no oil and not distruct skin water-oil balance to obtain hydrated and supple skin. New technique, the milky cream will liquefy instantly. Herbal Essence penetrate into deep skin layer and flows back into skin surface. Nourish our skin to keep it supple and radiant. Also, prepare our skin for the makeup and help makeup stay put.


Fully clean your face and pat dry. Apply proper amount of  Waterdrop Cream onto your face. Massage with circular motion to elevate absorbency.
Remember, Waterdrop Cream is 3-in-1 skincare-toner,serum and lotion. Good for those who are rushing and no time for skincare.



Waterdrop Cream is milky lotion type, liquefy immediately into watery texture upon application. No stickiness on the skin and it absorbed pretty well, which suitable for all skin type.


I definitely love using MDMMD range of skincare now! The end-results after application each time amazed me again and again. My skin felt extremely soft and hydrated each time after application. I even used Waterdrop Cream as night cream the other night too..and waking up with great skin! Also, my makeup looked awesome whenever I used Waterdrop Cream as a base.


An 98.5% organic, natural and safe remedy for the weight problems, which promotes healthy metabolism, helps with weight loss and elevates our mood.


Add 3-5ml onto your palms and massage your bodyand if you apply to your lower abdomen, remember to rub in clockwise direction.Use it regularly once or twice per day to feel the improvements. If you want to avoid that greasy feeling, use it 15 minutes before taking a bath, or add a few drops into your bath and let it tone your skin and stimulates your senses. Do not use Slimway during pregnancy.



Slimway is a blend of yellow-ish essential oils in a small bottle. The scents reminded me of licorice, and not too strong. I did felt oiliness upon application, but after massaging a while the greasiness went off and my skin felt smooth and soft.


This was my first time trying out Slimway, although I'm not really liking the scents of the oil I did felt my skin more firmer and smoother after one application. The oil did not give me any rashness or itchiness, but if you're trying out please test on your wrist first before using.


All the mentioned above products can be purchase from BeautyKeeper  or you may follow @BeautyKeeperTW on Instagram for more details. #beautykeepertw @samplestore

*this product is sent to me by BeautyKeeper & Sample Store - all my reviews above are sincerely my own*

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 -- Day 2

Day 2 was extremely boring, due to weather. We unable to predict the weather as every seconds the weather changed rapidly. Sometimes it poured too hard, sometimes Mr Sun shined brightly.
My sister suggested we should stayed indoor instead of outdoor. Hence, movie time!!

We decided on Kungfu Yoga directed by Stanley Tong, starring by Jackie Chan and some other actors. We choose this movie only because of Jackie Chan. My dad is a huge fan of dad watched almost every movies starred by Jackie Chan.

 My dad is a conservative old man. We knew he was pretty excited for this movie session, yet he won't show his excitement on his face. This is my old man :) The movie lasted for 107 minutes, we left the cinema with smile on face as some scenes were so funny that we laughed so hard. Movie session considered success as my dad was happy with the movie, and my mum did not fall asleep in between the movie. #happyparentshappyfamily

After movie, I treated my parents & siblings some boba drinks. We all love boba milk tea..who doesn't love boba milk tea,am i right?

We ended our day with steambot and chit-chatting whole day, whole night..this is how we spent most of our day whenever we gathered. No end conversation..

"Every family has a story to tell..Welcome to Ours"

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 -- Day 1

us without angeline

Happy Chinese New Year 2017 to everyone!! Please accept my greetings although this greeting supposes to come a week earlier.

This year is Rooster Year!! My parents decided to stay in my sister's apartment in KL to celebrate CNY instead as the air tickets were too expensive if each of us fly back to hometown. My dad reluctant at first as he's strong believer that CNY should be celebrated in hometown. But..I guess he understand a theory of #happywifehappylife. My mum won!! Yeah!! so this year CNY in KL.

Angeline did not join us this year for celebration as she had to stay with her in-laws in Kuching.We absolutely miss her so much!

my parents & my in-law
in-law's dishes

Mr and I took leave from 26th January till 1st February for the CNY holidays.I stayed in my in-law's house for reunion dinner. My in-law cooked yummilicious dinner for us, while on the other side, my mum cooked 15 dishes for my dad & siblings! When she started, she can't stop cooking. Crazy!

On the first day of CNY, I went to my sister's place before lunch to meet up with my family. I misses them so much that I can't waited any longer to see them! KL is a very boring city when it came to festive seasons. Most of the humans went back hometown, some places closed down for the celebration and most of the highways were so empty (which is good as no traffic jam). We went to city-Petaling Street & Bukit Bintang to view CNY's decorations and just to waste some times before dinner. Of course, I won't left without any street photos..

As the weather was extremely hot, we decided to go home earlier. After dinner, we spent a good amount of times stacking jenga and Blackjack. My father & brothers took turned to be dealer, we gambled and I lose some money. But it was still a fun time :)

First day was so relaxing, full of laughter and happiness.

"The love of a family is the life's greatest blessing"

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Score Amazonian Race 2017

When last year Score Amazonian Race announced the registration started for 2017, my sister-Angeline invited us to join as a team for the race. Without much hesitation and without much knowledge what it was about, I said yes! I almost dropped my jaw when I went in the webpage and read what was the race about..first thought, I don't want to get wet and I don't want to be muddy. Yet, I don't want to disappointed my sister too..last thought, let's do it together!

Score Amazonian Race is a challenging yet fun adventure filled with engaging obstacles for women who want to test their limits, but have a great time and socialize with other women at the same time. Get dirty, muddy, crazy and have fun with the girlfriends. No racing against time, we can do it the ways we like.

Fast forward, 7th January came. We wore the same tops and the same shoes to represent we are a team. I suggested tutu skirts, but my sisters claimed that it will be inconvenience for us to time, I should stick with tutu skirt as I saw some women were cute in their tutus.

The obstacles course was behind Sepang International Circuit. The course length was 5km, and there were 12 obstacles in between to test our grit and strength. The trail was a mix of a challenging trek through jungle, road and water trail. We ran, swung across the pool of mud, crawled, climbed and slid into the cold muddy pool.

My biggest fear was height. I had to convince myself to climb DIY pallet climbing wall and the cargo net obstacle which was as high as double-story building. Okay, I maybe exaggerated a bit here on the height level but you get what I meant if you have those acrophobia.

At the end of the race, we collected our finisher tees and victory bracelets.

As siblings, we didn't get to meet each others so often as we stayed in different states. Through this race, we got to know each others better and our relationships grew stronger. Whenever one of us unable to pass the obstacles, the remaining will started to motivate each others. I'm so proud of this bonding! We did created some scars and burns through the race, but nothing more valuable than our feelings towards each others grew stronger than ever.

I'm glad Angeline made a right choice to register all of us into the race. Or else, we won't have this memories now. Thanks, Angeline..

#it's pretty muddy
#sisters together stronger forever

"We are stronger than we can imagine. So, never give up!"

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Each Month -- January 2017

Happy February!! How fast the time passes!

January has been an incredible month. January passed in a blink of eyes, without me realizing it. I've grown to learn appreciating every moments before it passes.
January was a busy month for me. As I'm working in Human Resource Department, I had to rush for all the bonus payout and month-end salary before Chinese New Year arrive. I remembered I had no room to breath and felt extremely tension for all the works. Lucky me, it all passed now.

In the other hand, I was glad that my sister,Angeline registered me and my siblings for the Amazonian Race in Sepang, Kuala Lumpur early of the month. I flew back to KL and met up with siblings for the event. This was my first time ever attending Amazonian Race whereas I had to get dirty in mud and pools of cold water. Never regret for the dirtiness and the scars created, as those memories were worth thousand years! *I will do another blogpost for that Amazonian Race*

This year, Chinese New Year fell on 28th January..which is Year of Rooster. Mr and I took few days annual leave to return to KL for the celebration. I spent first day in Mr's house and went to my sister's place to meet my family after that. My parents decided to stay in KL on this festival instead of us going back hometown as the claimed air tickets were way too expensive to hometown rather than they came to KL. We spent a good amount of times together creating more memories and laughter.
*more posts to come soon*

For January month, I'm loving this quote:

"Life is and interesting journey, live out our own way rather than someone's else shadow"