Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Korean Beauty Review: Innisfree it's real squeeze mask - cucumber

I'm a strong believer that great skin starts from a piece of good quality sheet mask. I've tried a lots of different brands, some gave me huge shocks on the amazing results while some did alright. Recently, I've been eyeing on Innisfree's sheet masks and planning to get a few to try out. Gladly enough, I passed by duty-free shops in Changi Airport while traveling home early of the month and guess what? I bought lots and lots and lots of masks for myself. This girl has to pamper herself well. Let's get into what I'm going to review today, shall we :)


A mask containing cucumber extract to provide plentiful moisture to dry skin. Made with moisture-rich squeeze cucumber water, jeju green complex (green tea, citrus, white magnolia, camellia, orchid) and each mask layered with triple-layers sheet for great adhesion and keep skin moist for a very long time. The 3 layered sheet is made from artificial silk, will made the mask moist and the essence provides nutrition to skin to give higher absorption rate to our skin.


After cleansing, use toner to define skin texture. Take out the mask from package and spread evenly to the entire face., avoiding the eye and lip area. Remove the sheet after 10-20 minutes and gently pat to allow the remaining formula to absorb into skin.

Take note: Please be remind that there's still a lot of remaining essence in the package after take out the sheet mask, so don't waste! I poured out the remaining and layered onto the mask, or pat the remaining to my hand as hand cream.


A typical sheet masks packaging, but I totally adores the cucumber's photo on it. And there are Korean wordings behind the packaging, I guess it's about the technology and benefits given from the mask. English wordings are written down too which were about directions & ingredients of the product.

*please click enlarge for ingredients reference*


The mask gave slightest cucumber scents which is superb relaxing to use. According to website, the sheet mask is made from artificial silk which are 3 layered. The sheet mask is slightly thicker than some other masks I used before.

*click to enlarge, you may be surprise with the results*


First impression, I love the size of the sheet mask that fit onto my face perfectly. I have bigger face, some sheet masks may be too small which unable to cover up my whole face..but not this. As per photos of "before & after" above, my skin got really moisturized and radiant after one application. I even noticed that my pores were smaller than before too. The mask also helps to soothe the redness and sensitivity on my skin.

-moisturize & soothe my skin well, as promised
-perfect size of sheet mask for my "bigger face"
-affordable selling price

-the sheet mask is slightly thicker, although this is part of their technology..i'm not huge fan
-there is fragrance in the ingredients, might not suit for those who are sensitive to fragrance



I bought them from duty-free shop in airport for estimated $1.20/piece, while Innisfree shops selling price $2.00/piece.
Otherwise, you can grab from Hermo for $1.60/piece, their delivery service is extremely fast!
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*this product is bought by my own $$$, and all the thoughts above are sincerely my own*
*this post contain referral link*

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