Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Recap -- May 2016

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Ken and I always thought May is a "month of celebration" and "month of splurging too much $$". You will understand what I meant by reading further..

1)While everyone were enjoying their day off on 1st May, Ken and I joined for charity run 7km in Johor with his friend. He registered us end of April without me saying "yes,i wish to join" and he just pretended I agreed on it. Since his friend paid for the registration fees, I have to obey and we stayed overnight at his friend's place as the event started early next morning. I finished the whole 7kms without complaining and pretty much enjoyed it. The highlight of the event was I got to eat Korean food after the run with his friends. Never knew Korean food can be that delicious after starving for half day.

2)It's my birthday month!! I'm officially 31 years old and I felt that times passed too fast without my realizing it. I felt yesterday I was only 18 and now I'm 31. I feel great to be 31, but what a shame that I never blog about my birthday. I received so much love and birthday greetings from my families, husband and friends. Over the weekend, my coworkers invited Ken and I to play "Xcape Room" in town..which we never make through the whole games in an hour. Ken and I took a day off on my real birthday and we went to Johor to eat and shop a little -- currency attack is real!

3)I did my first road trip from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur with Ken using our own bike! Ken always wish to do this and finally his wish was granted by me. 6 hours journey was tough but some sort of adventurous too. Of course, we did stopped for a rest at the rest stations and grabbed food. During our journey home to Singapore, we visited Melaka for few hours. Melaka has the most historical buildings and arts in Malaysia and I truly hope we can stay overnight. Perhaps, we will do it again next round.

4)30th May was our 9th years anniversary as a couple. We didn't do anything fancy on that particular day as we did a lots of shopping on 25th May (my birthday). But I'm still glad that we survived 9 years together whereas we went through a lots of thick and thin, almost called it off sometimes...but ya, we survived!! Cheers to 9 years!!

5)I went superb crazy with Korean beauty products this month - especially Innisfree & Etude House. Blame "Descendants of the Sun".. all the Korean artists owns dewy and radiant skin whereas I'm envy of. I watched hundreds of Youtube videos to learn how to do Korean makeup and read tons of reviews on Korean beauty products. I added a lot of new stuffs into my normal skincare regime and hoping to do review soon on them..so watch out :)

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