Saturday, April 30, 2016

Recap -- April 2016

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Who loves April? April definitely not my favorite month ever. There's no public holidays on this month and although April Fool sounds fun, we still don't get any off day on this day. When first day of April hit, some of my coworkers were too careful during their day..they hope for zero tricks or hoax on them. While for me, I almost forgot April Fool and never have the chance to play fun tricks on my coworkers. Although in the mid afternoon, I did sent a message to Ken that I was having serious stomachache till he got so anxious..that was fun! Maybe you will start questioning, did he got mad of me with those fool? YES, he did!! haha..well, still fun!

1)We went for cafe-hopping a lots this few weeks. Ken moved to his site office in east, and he was very busy with his new project. Most of the weekend, he have to work too. I did a few searches on Google and find quite a numbers of cafes which is work-friendly, allowing customers to stay and read/work. As for me, I'm on my wife-duty every sit with him while he does his work. Sounds boring duty, but I managed to do some reading :)

2)New semester started again!! Final semester for my Diploma course!! Yahoooooo..(insert high pitch sound) I'm so done with assignments/projects/school works/tests and tests. Life never being such an easy with full-time job and night classes 3 times a week. On the positive side, I'm so happy to be able to meet with my classmates again. All of us have our own families and jobs, no one got times to meet up during semester break. So attending night classes together is fun!

3)Another round of 10km running event - Coney Island Trial Run 2016. Such a painful run as both of us never did well in training before the real run. I got terrible flu and cough for almost a week before the run. But, we still managed to finish the race and proudly receiving our finisher medals. Oh, and Coney Island is such a beautiful place! If you're in Singapore or planning to stop by this country for a while, do visit this island.

4)Currently I'm reading "The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me" by Laura Tait & Jimmy Rice. This is my second novel of the year..I'm a terribly slow reader..currently on page 146 out of 357. Half to go!

5)Ken and I were trying to wake up early starting from this month onwards. Last time, he always late for work as I snoozed my alarms too many times and reluctant to wake up. He fetched me to work every morning, such a good husband. Well, I change now...*fingers crossed* I tried to sleep early and wake up early...not to laze in bed too long to avoid any lateness. So good :)

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Audrey Lin said...

I'm not that huge of a fan of April either! So ready for these April showers to pass and for the May flowers to come! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Jen Hsieh said...

A belated congratulations on finishing the 10km race and I'm glad you managed to feel better in order to run it. :) And at least it's finally May, so you won't have to deal with April anymore, haha.