Friday, April 29, 2016

Coney Island Trial Run 2016 - 10km

It's been a while..

How's ya doing? Hope everything is fine.

Ken and I went for Coney Island Trial Run on 16 April 2016, which was 2 weeks before. We registered for the run since mid March which was after Green Corridor Run, aiming to keep our running enthusiasm as long as possible. I never expected that daily works & flu viruses ruined our stamina to continue training before the run..both of us never really train well before the exact day.

Now, you may imagine how suffer we are during the running day? As if I was dragging myself along the trail path.

Coney Island or previously known as Pulau Serangoon, is a 133 hectare island located off the northeastern coast of Singapore within the town of Punggol. Coney Island can be accessible via two bridges connecting from the mainland.

This was our first time entering Coney Island. I was surprised by how wonderful and clear air that Coney Island offers. The island is peaceful, fills with forest full of if I was entering to the another world away from the urban. The island is divided into a few attractions but since we were there for 10km, we did not have the time and chance to explore more. Surely, we will be visiting again..

We were late for our run, as we estimated wrong timing and I spent some times in washroom due to stomachache. We did managed to catch up some participants/runners after a while..but majority of time we walked (in a faster speed). After an hour, the sun came out and we spent another good hour walking-tanning under the scorching hot sun. Till today, I still have my tan with me.. :)

Along this 10km, there were only 2 water stations, which is terrible. Both of us were dehydrated after passed 7km, I almost nearly gave up! Ken was the person who stood beside me, encouraging me to the finish line. I was blessed to have a partner like him :)

Honestly, I got sore muscle on the second day. Looking back, I was lucky to have Ken who shares same interests with me and went through thick and thin together as one. Without his encouragements, I will never ever finished any of the running events we went last time. :)

-Never give up. Great things take time-

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