Thursday, March 31, 2016

Recap -- March 2016

I nearly forgotten to do a recap post for this month! Missing out recap posts will be my biggest failure for the year as I made a commitment to myself on this.

March is such a long month. I knew I did mentioned that January is a long month and February is a short month. Well, comparing to February..March indeed extra 2 days! I always thought that I was so unproductive on March comparing to other months but looking back, I think I did pretty well :)

1) A full month of holiday before new semester arrive mid of next month. I'm enjoying every moments after work with Ken and friends. A month without attending classes and worrying for assignments is such a bliss! 

2) My coworkers, Ken and I registered ourself for the Green Corridor 10km Run since January. The event was held on 6 March starting from Tanjong Pagar Rail Station till Bukit Timah Rail Station. We procrastinated in practicing running all the way and took it seriously at the end of February. Lucky us, we did enough practices and managed to finish 10km. I got sore muscle the next few days but still manageable. Ken and I will run Coney Island 10km Run next month :P

3) My second sister's birthday fall on 29 March. Since she lives 5 hours drive from us in Malaysia, Ken and I bought bus tickets and went to Kuala Lumpur during the Easter's Holiday. We stayed at her place for a night and brought her out for dinner at Morganfield, eCurve. She loves the in-house spare ribs so much..that she rated 10/10 for the food.

4) Let's talk about weather! Singapore is a country which 24/7 hot and humid, which I believe everyone knew. This month, the weather was scorching hotter than usual whereas rumors spread around that temperature may rise till 40 degrees soon. Full article here

5) The other day while wandering around night market, I found "shit soft toy" hanging high up at the corner of one of the local stall. I tried not to make eye contact with it but I can't control myself too much. I told Ken that I have to bring it home!! Although I'm a owner of a few soft toys, I still need more. After paying $10, it belongs to me :)  *photo above* 

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