Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Small Town Girl with Big City Dreams (1)

I born and raised in a small town in Sarawak, Malaysia. Growing up, I always trying to imagine myself living in the big city and owning an apartment of my own, waking up every morning choosing which formal outfit to wear to attend meeting in the corporate world. I will be surrounded by a lot of high class people and attend lots of fashion events and parties. Life will be so much challenging than living in small town.

Fast forward, here I'm today..in Singapore. I don't own an apartment because the houses in Singapore are real expensive. I'm working in a logistic firm as a Human Resource Officer but I did not attend much meeting, which I'm so glad about! Meetings are boring.. I have quite a number of friends in Singapore and we seldom do parties, although they're superb cool.

After 7 years living in Singapore, I've learnt a lots. Those experiences are gained throughout the years and can't be found in any textbooks. I've grown into a person that I believe is mature enough to think logically and rationally without parents' supervision.

All these years living in Singapore, I had learnt that...

- the best timing to ride in subway is before 6.30am whereas everyone may still lazying in bed wishing to have extra 5 more minutes to sleep in. The subway's company is generous enough to give a free rides to everyone who make the effort to avoid human traffic before 7.45am

- the worst timing to ride the subway is between 5.30pm to 7.30pm. Everyone are rushing home and they may started to push each others in order to get into the ride (providing there is an officer taking care of the area, queuing will be form). I can even see some exhausted/tired faces during the ride. Sometimes, someone may face difficulty to scan their concession card at the gantry..if you're unlucky you might bump into a "grumpy cat" whenever you make an u-turn

- to be a speed walker. I believe I can walk faster than most people because I get use to walk faster. Elevators are functioning faster too..

- to read. I developed reading novels ever since I came to Singapore. Government encourages their citizens to read more therefore we will get free newspaper daily from the train stations. Beside that, there are a lots of book sales throughout the year which Ken and I love love love to visit and get crazy with the books

- to love locals food. Locals food are awesome!! I love chicken rice, fried carrot cake, fried kuey teow, etc.. Ken and I love to explore local hawkers center to look for yummy food. Of course, we still can dine in restaurants..but both of us prefer food adventure. And lower price too :) 

And.. the end of the part 1. Overall, life is great now!! What about you?

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Audrey Lin said...

I'm glad to hear that life is great! Reading your little life lessons makes me happy, because you realize all these little things you pick up in life that have created your routine. On a smaller scale, for some reason I thought that I'd have a bunch of opportunities to attend formal events in college and dress up, but I actually haven't... -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's