Saturday, February 13, 2016

Reunion Dinner on Chinese New Year's Eve

Today is day 6th of Chinese New Year and I'm currently returning to reality after a week enjoying my life in hometown. Chinese New Year is one of my favorite celebration season of the year as my parents and siblings will gathered to celebrate together.

For the past two years I've been celebrating CNY in Ken's house and this year, finally I'm returning to my own homeland. I was full of excitement this year as my youngest sister came home after 4 years studying in India. Finally we were able to capture "complete family's photo" without missing anyone..

I will share more of CNY's photos in other post. Meanwhile, Chinese gathered together to have reunion dinner a day before Chinese New Year. Reunion dinner meant a lots to our family.. my mum started preparing her dishes early in the morning so that we can managed to have our dinner around five or six pm.

Our reunion dinner must included fish, pork, seafood, chickens, lamb, and etc...which may concluded that we should have more than 10 dishes the end of the day..

My mum is a superb mum!! and my siblings and I did helped a bit too :) This year we have 17 dishes!!

bamboo clams

braised pork knuckle

chicken with peas

steamed eggs with ground meat

bbq whole chicken

sweet & sour fried fish

mixed veges

fried spare ribs

stirred fried homemade noodles

sizzling tofus

steamed veges layered with sliced abalons

sliced beef

sea cucumbers

salad veges with sesame sauce

varieties combinations

claypot lamb

"yee shang"

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