Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Chinese New Year 2016

Chinese New Year came and went off in a blink of eyes. People always said happy moments always passes faster than we can imagine, and i can't agreed more. As I came from typical Chinese family, my parents taught us to celebrate CNY together and CNY is the most important festival for them too.

This year, no one absent from CNY. My youngest sister returning home after spending her 5-years Degree in India. My oldest brother, supposedly going to Japan have decided to postpone his internship until last week. Ken and I spent went back to my hometown this year instead of his. So, this family was complete and ready for CNY..the happiest person on earth should be my parents. My mum prepared meals for us while my dad became her kitchen's assistant. Meanwhile, we helped to finish the food and I guess I gained extra 2 kgs this trip

We started our first day of CNY with a bowl of "mee sua" with chicken soup. In my family, eating "mee sua" represented longevity. My parents will gave each of us red packets as a blessings and I, as a married woman have to give my siblings red packets too.
For the rest of the day, we went to visit our grandma' and my uncle's families. We were greeted by a few relatives too who came visiting from various cities. It was fun to be able to stay connected with everyone since we seldom talk to each others.
My siblings and I preferred to stay at home whole day during CNY to relax rather than going out. Of course, we did a few visiting too. For us, this was the good times for us to get a good rest for our tired body and soul.And we enjoyed chit-chatting with our parents too..

So, how do you spend your CNY? Please share..

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