Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016!

Hello 2016!!

I was being a very lousy blogger last year, which i have disappearing from blogging world so often that i was too confused!! Last year was great but totally out of the track and schedule.  

As today is the first day of 2016, I would love to start new and do it all over again. As prove, I even went to Typo and got myself a planner/diary to jot down all the activities, ideas, inspirations and notes for this year. To spice up the energy, some cute stickers are being used too! According to my sister, stickers are banned for those age 30 and above in our family. And I was born in 1985..go get a calculator and start counting my age. I don't even bother to follow her rules and totally violate them.

so, cheers to the 2016!

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