Friday, January 29, 2016

Recap -- January 2016

Instead of posting this early of the month, I decided to do this end of the month to recap all the memories created during the particular month. *creative idea..nah!*

January is a very slow and longest month ever..31 days in a month are a lots, although other months have a day lesser. One day did make a huge different in most of the things. Paycheck, working days, working hours, etc.. you know what I mean. >.< and this is the month whereas everyone recovering from long holidays' mood, and nothing seem to be productive.

January is always a month for me to do resolutions for the entire year which I did earlier in my planner. Planning resolutions for the year is fun! I tried to set goals and targets which are more realistic and achievable, I was tired of reading back unfinished resolutions end of the year, every year.

I'm so busy this month. School projects and classes took me few hours daily. And two tests within two weeks! Crazy! I came to realize that time management is very important. Managing time is not easy, yet not difficult either. All I need is a skill!! I always wonder how some peoples managed to come out with fruitful results, and each of us have 24 hours a day yet I faced so much obstacles to finish all the tasks given. Time Management, gonna conquer you!

I was being invited by Ken to attend his company's annual dinner and dance at Shanghai Dolly, Clarke Quay on third weekends. I love attending such a huge event, I got dressed up in decent new dress and did a full makeup which took me an hour to finish. We never got lucky to win any prizes in the lucky draw, but we got two door gifts -- intelligent sport bracelets in neon green.

In the same weekend after the D&D, we registered ourselves to watch Changi Millionaire's live show in Changi Terminal 3. Such a nerve-wracking afternoon! Seven finalists and only one winner can go home with one million dollars. Linda Tobin from British walked away with that bulk of money, she's such a lucky woman. I believe she's living in luxury life now.. I wonder when's my turn to be that lucky?

I've been little occupied doing "shopping" too this month as the following month is Chinese New Year. Shopping is always fun and my favorite activity. Girls' best therapy ever!

What've you done this month? Do share with me, I'm interested to know too..


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