Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

Last day of October!! Wow, where did the times goes?

I'm glad that October is almost over now which means Christmas is getting nearer and nearer -- in 9 weeks! I love love festive seasons.

Meanwhile, Happy Halloween for those who celebrate this spooky day. For the last 2 years, Mister and I went to Clarke Quay to snap photos with strangers in costumes around this times.. this year, we are unable to visit Clarke Quay again as this weekend we have to go Kuala Lumpur to attend a wedding event. and I'm going to miss those moments wandering around enjoying people watching & observing all the strangers in their weirdest costumes -- and requesting them to have photos with me.

We are not wearing any costumes or planning to rent one too. We are just love taking photos (weirdo!)
Hereby, I decided to take out the photos that we snapped on 2013,2014 and recently at USS Halloween Horror Night.

Have a spooky night :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tasting Event -- Irresistible Golden Samurai Burgers

If someone ask me - where is your favorite fast food restaurant? My answer will be McDonald's restaurant. Growing up, McDonald's occupied a corner in my heart and whenever i felt moody or in need of "comfort food"..this is the best place for me to dine in. And I will always stick to the same burgers forever until the day before yesterday....

I felt privileged to be invited by OMY Blog Club and McDonald's Singapore to attend an exclusive tasting session for the upcoming launch of the all-new Golden Beef Samurai and Golden Chicken Samurai burgers.I felt really nervous attending this event as this was my first time, but everyone welcomed us with open arms. We were been asked our choice for burger for the night and I went for Golden Beef Samurai.
Delight in a tantalising mix of sweet and savoury as the goodness of a classic Samurai Burger - juicy chicken or beef patty dipped in Teriyaki sauce, topped with creamy sauce and crisp lettuce is combine with a refreshing burst of sweetness from a grilled pineapple ring. This delicious combination is then served in between toasted oat bran buns.

I totally savored the whole Golden Beef Burger in not more than 10 minutes.I was hungry, yes I am..but trust me - Samurai Burgers are really really tasty especially with the pineapple in between. The photos below did not do the justice as I adjusted the wrong lighting from my camera.
Complete the Golden Samurai experience with Seaweed Shaker Fries and Mocha flavored McFlurry with caramelized biscuits - a delicious blend of soft serve, crunchy, buttery cookies and coffee flavor. The Mocha flavored McFlurry with caramelized biscuits is available from S$2.90.
Each Extra Value Meal, which includes a Golden Beef Samurai or Golden Chicken Samurai burger, French Fries (M) and a refreshing glass of Coca-Cola (S) will be available from S$7.85.

The Golden Beef Samurai or Golden Chicken Samurai burger, Seaweed Shaker Fries (L) and a Green Tea (M) will be available from S$8.95.
Beside tasting Golden Samurai burgers, we got to know new friends/bloggers and each of them are very friendly and down-to-earth person. We chit-chatted and laughed over jokes made from Sylvia, a cheerful girl and snapped too much photos from the photo booth.

The night was GOOD and SATISFYING!!

p.s. The Golden Samurai Burgers will be available from 29 October in McDonald's Singapore, while stocks last. Faster try it out won't regret!

*Thanks OMY Blog Club and McDonald's Singapore for the invitation*

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Explore Singapore -- USS Halloween Horror Nights

As long as I remember, I've never been to Halloween Party or Halloween Events before ever since I came to Singapore. Each year when October arrived, I will started to influence mister to go Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Nights..and he rejected me every.single.time

I never give up wanting to experience the Halloween Nights in USS. Surprisingly, mister agreed to go this year together with my bunch of friends. Thanks to Alex, we got early birds tickets which came with free Halloween mugs. I waited really patiently for the day to come and finally, last Saturday was the night to enter the Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Nights!! My friends and I were pretty excited!!!
There are four haunted houses, three scary zones a few rides and souvenir shops available for the horror night. As we heard plenty of feedback mentioning they don't have quite enough time to visit all the attractions due to long queues, we decided to go as early as we can. Our goals were to finish all the attractions to cover back the entrance fees. Crowds started to build up when we arrived at the entrance. The gate opened exactly 7.30pm, my friends, mister and i ran as fast as we can to get to the one of the haunted house. this was how desperate we were that moments - no one ever know how long the queue was.

haunted houses:
true Singapore ghost stories: the MRT
hell house
tunnel people
siloso gateway Blk 50

scare zones:
the invaders
hungry ghosts

other attractions:
revenge of the Mummy
battlestar galactica: human & cylon
transformers the ride: the ultimate 3D battle
enchanted airways
scared shrekless
puss in boots' giant journey
canopy flyer

i visited three out of four haunted houses. i'm a very timid person who prefer romantic movies over thrill/scary movies. i put a HUGE courage to enter all those haunted houses, preparing for the worst to come to my face. my friends were in front of me while mister was behind me to protect me from "danger". although i knew all the ghosts/vampires/monsters were "made from real humans", the lighting and music did their magic to create spooky and creepy environment....which freaked me out!! i screamed a lots!! and shivered the whole times i was in the haunted houses..

some makeup were too real & professional..and i started my wild imaginations wondering when the full moon come, will they turn into "real monsters"? will they starts to search for blood to feed their desires? will we become their victims? will they tear our flesh? eeww.. enough of these stupid questions! now, i start to freak out again.

below are a few photos from the spooky night, i blurred out my friends' face for privacy purpose:

the quality of the photos are terribly bad..and and we can't snap much photos as some attractions did not allow photography.

before we left, we visited souvenir shops to sooth our nerves. each of us sweated too much, too sluggish and in need of air-conditioning. too, we snapped photos :)

do you went to Halloween party too? do share your experience with me :)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Review: Creme Simon Sample Kits

I'm a girl who love trying out new skincare products and even receiving free samples from various beauty companies. Well,who doesn't love free samples,right? Few months ago, while browsing through blogs, a few local bloggers made introduction and positive reviews about Creme Simon.I was curious as I never heard of the brand before and immediately clicked the link to find out what it was about and guess what, no U-turn after that.

Creme Simon is a natural French skincare brand from France and slowly, Creme Simon have became one of the most favorite brand in Singapore. Guess what, Creme Simon is tailored to the unique conditions of the climate therefore behind each packaging there are icons resembling 4 seasons. Creme Simon is free from parabens, alcohol, silicones, sulfates and colorings.

After registering myself in the main page, I made a few exploration and found out that Creme Simon did gave samples for customers to try out. Their samples are not in sachet (which I think is superb inconvenience), instead they gave generous amounts in a small tubes.

These are a few samples sent over via mail and i tried out each of them within a few weeks:

Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub (S$68)
This is one of my favorite scrub ever! I've been using the samples ever since they mailed over and now the original size is included in my weekly skincare routine too. It contains small beads which helps my skin to achieve fine and smoother version.

Lymphatic Contouring & Lifting Gel (S$98)
It's a gel turning into oil to do the massage job on the skin to get the lifting effect. I tried for twice and it is indeed a great massaging gel as I definitely seeing some lifting results on my face. The residue left is not too oily which i used tissue to wipe off or wash with clean water.

Oxygenating Light Day Moisturizer (S$95.01)
I use this as a day cream after toner and before sunblock. It is easy to penetrate into my skin and helps brighten up my complexion. And it is not oily! The smells is relaxing and great which helps boost up my mood for the day.

Restorative Sleeping Mask (S$68)
This would be my another favorite sample beside the scrub. I love sleeping mask as I'm pampering myself while sleeping. Don't you think this is the best invention in the beauty world? Sometimes I'm just too lazy or no time for applying mask..and thanks to sleeping mask, my skin is getting so good and cooperative the second day. It is so easy to do makeup the next day with a luminous skin. Totally worth to purchase an original size.

As I signed up in their affiliate program, there is voucher code for discount of 10% > 7GW5UZ9
or you may click on the banner on the right of my blog to get to the webpage.

Stay beautiful, girls!!

*This is NOT a sponsored post but with clicking to make a purchase, I may get some profits. All of my reviews above are my own opinions*

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A milestone for me -- Longchamp Le Pliage Large

A good news for me! I bought a Longchamp Le Pliage!! Getting a new Longchamp Le Pliage Large is a milestone for me.. as this is in my wishlist since last year and even this year 30th birthday, i asked for the same gift from Mister.

As usual, I'm a bit stingy to myself whenever it comes to buying something above S$50. After all, savings are more important that spending. As we went for vacation trip early this month and passing by Changi Airport, i guess this is the chance for me to get one as airport offers duty-free items. See, how stingy i am to save those 7% for my piggy bank.

I have a hard time choosing the color as Le Pliage Large offers wide variety of colors. After standing for several minutes admiring all the colors, I decided to go for Navy Blue which is the same color as my sister. No regret for the Navy Blue :)

Mister paid for the tote and definitely I was in cloud-nine after receiving the paper bag from the sales person.

Below are a few photos of my new favorite tote..

how to maintain the tote -- according to the instructions given:

-apply with a soft brush Longchamp colorless cream regularly to the leather areas
-to remove dirt, clean the whole lining using a cloth or a soft brush, with water and neutral soap (avoid water spilling over leather parts when cleaning)

p.s. mister paid S$154.21 for the tote

Saturday, October 17, 2015

review: say NO MORE to the period leakage with Kotex Luxe Ultrathin

I went to Langkawi on 8th October and how "lucky" i am that my period came on 7th October - a day earlier. That moment i felt really frustrated - no one likes to go vacations in a heavy flow of period moments. As Sample Store sent over the new Kotex Luxe Ultrathin, I packed it together with me and off to Langkawi.
The new Kotex Luxe Ultrathin equipped with the new technologies such as :

New Honeycomb Liquid-Locker which is designed to rapidly absorb and lock away fluid to prevent back flow so that your skin will feel dry and comfortable

New Ultra Comfort Cover which designed to deliver both dryness and softness, helping to provide the ultimate experience of a high performance pads.

New Surround Lock Protector designed to provide you with additional security and leakage protection
My past experience - my skin is quite sensitive and I get rashes and redness so easily that sometimes affected my mood for the whole day. Therefore, I'm very picky in choosing the right brand and the right pads for my period time.
As i have heavy flows for the first few days of period, i brought the whole pack of Kotex Luxe Ultrathin 32cm to Langkawi. I was quite worried that i face the same situation from my past experience and leakage as sometimes it may be hard to find a toilet to get change when you're in the foreign country.
Anyway, it was not worth to worry too much. I have a very pleasant experience with Kotex Luxe Ultrathin. :)

"This is the pad that will help you realize that overnight period leakage is never your fault"

Yes, so true! I felt the new technologies that used on the pads are really did their functions pretty well. There was no period leakage, no redness nor rashes, feeling dry all day long during my 5 days trip -- I wore 32cm pads in the morning and night. I was truly amazed, honestly. This is definitely my new favorite brand now!
Beside that can we give more credits to their black, mystery with lace details packaging filling up with oh-so-colorful pads in it? and extra extra credits to the drawstring on top of the package. This new design is so convenient to bring out and making my "period time" colorful.

Interested? You may get it for S$5.95 per pack at all the leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

Otherwise you may redeem FREE SAMPLE from Sample Store or Kotex Facebook Page

*this post is sponsored by Kotex & Sample Store - all my reviews above are sincerely my own*

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Explore Malaysia -- Langkawi Day 1

hello everyone,

i've been missing from this blogging world for few weeks now, trying to recharge and refresh and did a lots of bonding moments with better half. a week left before new semester start, one side of me really wish time would stop at this moment yet the other half wish to start class as soon as possible.

few weeks ago, i started to plan for a trip to langkawi during october. my siblings and i promised each others to bring our parents for holidays at least once a year and since last year my sisters sponsored penang trip, this round is on me. langkawi is an island which, my family and i wish to visit for quite some times now. i started to plan the whole trip myself since two months ago *insert proud face*

i picked to go last thursday (8 october 2015) as i'm in the middle of school breaks, and mister is available too. and i use this trip as a birthday treat for my dad as his birthday falls on next month. unfortunately, not all my siblings are available for the trip. two of my sisters are working and one of the brother is in school. the leftover us did tried our best to make the whole trip worked pretty well.
Langkawi, which is known as "Langkawi the Jewel of Kedah" is located somewhere around northwestern of Malaysia and neighbour to thai's border too. and this island is a duty-free island and full of historical places for discovery.

from Singapore, we took mas airlines and transited in KLIA before another flight to the Langkawi. we reached langkawi airport in the afternoon and my parents and siblings arrived shortly too. i rented a car from RST Car Rental for RM70/day and the owner waited for me in the airport and after signing some papers, we grabbed the key and drove our way to check-in at Cenang Inn Langkawi.

after settled down a bit, we drove to look for duty-free shops for beer & chocolates hunting. as Langkawi is a duty-free island, all the beers and liquors are definitely the first choice to grab and i even found out that drinking beers and liquors might be cheaper than drinking mineral waters or fruit juices. we bought several types of beers and ciders and chocolates as our room have fridge. oh, mister and i were extremely excited seeing somersby apple cider on the racks with price tags of RM4.90! this price is 50% cheaper than the one that we purchased in 7-11 or supermarkets. hence, shopping for apple ciders started!

after done with the shopping, we drove to Langkawi Eagle Square - Dataran Lang which is located at Kuah. this is a-must-go-attraction in Langkawi hereby there is a gigantic manmade sculpture eagle poised to take flight. as the attraction is located at the southeast of Langkawi, we managed to witness the most beautiful sunset ever. and i was so reluctant to leave the attraction as sunset always have a place in my heart. i always adore sunset and hopefully to witness sunsets in every different corners of the world.

we ended the night by dining nearby our resort at Cenang Street. everyone were hungry and we finished all the dishes.

below are some photos from day 1:

have a great day!