Tuesday, June 30, 2015

review: etude house color my brows

i'm lucky to say that i inherited my parents DNA (obviously!)..both parent have little hairs around their armpits and legs which mean me too :) and i rarely shave (please don't be jealous) but everything have pros and cons - God is fair to everyone. i always envy those girls who have thick and dark eyebrows where they don't have to worry much about eyebrow pencils out-of-stock or hair dresser accidentally washed off their brows which they spent hours to draw a nice one or worried everyone looking at her when swimming as if she's an alien without brows.

i started drawing my own brows when i was 17 and my brows never being perfect drew. my sister faced the same problem and she went for tattoo. she has the courage! while i don't..i never thought of tattoo-ing my brows as i scare of needles. lame,i know! and i started to find alternative ways to draw my brows perfectly. i watched too much beauty videos and read too much beauty articles on perfect brows.

few months back, i bought color my brows from etude house after i peeked on someone videos again. after struggling on using it for months finally i found the perfect brows for myself. etude house color my brows offers different shades to suit personal skin colors/hair colors. while i'm asian with slightly darker hairs, i choose the nearest color
from left to right: rich brown, light brown, red brown, natural brown, blonde brown

and this is the color that i choose - rich brown which is the darkest color in the color my brows range. as pictured, i have being using it everyday now and the label printed have faded a little.
the brow mascara combs is lookalike normal mascara wands, and use to set, shade and moisten my brows for better definition. the packaging is quite small which is superb convenience for me to place in my makeup bag. as i use it daily, the content can last for more than 3 months without drying. at first i was too worried that the color may not suit me but ended up this color is just perfect!!

as you can see from picture 1, i don't have much brows which i felt devastating sometimes. i always applied brow mascara to my non-existing brows. i applied the mascara according to the direction of the growing hairs, it's okay not to be perfect this round. please don't go opposite of the brows or else you won't get a perfect brows shape. let it dry for a while..while i took out my eyebrow pencil. depending on my mood-of-the day, my brows shape will vary. normally, i will thicken up the brows by overlapping the brow mascara which i already applied to get the shape that i like. final step, use the spool brush to wiggle it over your brows to get a clean and sexy looking brows.
and here's the proof of before & after.. yes,my brows were in disaster conditions all the while
cheers to nice brows now :)

the pros:
-convenience and light making makeup packing easier
-value for money, get it from etude house for S$13 only
-the colors suits asian girl like me - natural looking brows
-brush wand is easy to apply without messing up
-non-drying formula as i use it daily
-easy removal with makeup remover sheets or water-proof makeup remover

the cons:
-hard to create arch of brows if only using brow mascara

how much i love this product: 9.5/10

*this is not a sponsored product*

Monday, June 29, 2015

thankful lists for the week // 26

*instagram @joselovincolors *

i felt frustrated today. i felt my weekly thankful lists have being getting real boring. my daily life seem to be always the same and repeating every hours, every days. nothing much huge & extreme have happened - and i always posting food,food and more food photos. no one interested to see what i ate everyday, this is what i thought today. but after i calmed down for a while, i started to realize this is my blog. this is the only place that i can post anything that i want to post without hurting anyone. this is the only place that i can express my true emotions and feelings without hesitation. do you have the same feeling like i'm having now, those frustration? well,i blame monday blue~

for the week,i'm thankful for:

-obstacles that i faced in work place forced me to be mature-thinking. school life is totally different from working adults life. there are too much negativity around in a place sometimes that we need to use our own judgmental mind to find out the truth and theory behind everything. and the environment helps me to grow stronger
-hot weather..although i hate it but i still find the weather is good for running after work. mister and i started to get our sport wears on and hit the running tracks at least once a week. 

-mid-semester tests results released on monday & wednesday. overall, i was satisfied with the marks - hard work did paid!!

-went to chinatown on friday night for dessert, and walked around enjoying the night scenery and tanglung decorations along the road

-a day off on saturday!!!! i spent whole afternoon photo shooting and editing my photos in hard disk.

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..even to the littlest and simplest things.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

review: laurier f ultra gentle heavy day 25cm

let me tell you a story before i start my review.

my period came when i was 12 years old. my mum filled me up with enough information about all this transitions from little girl to lady even before i was 12. and i was pretty confident i will be able to manage the stage well. when the first period came, i was pretty nervous but ended up handling everything well, according to my 12-years-old-self and never referring my mum for the guideline on how to wear the pads.guess what, i placed the sticky part of the pad to my "skin" instead of my panty. bang!! this pad was useless,can't even absorbed the blood.. i thought that time. until one day, i heard my girlfriends discussing about the pads and the way to wear it. lightning struck to my head directly - i placed the pads wrongly!!! how embarrassed was that! well, this was my teenage-time memories. now,please laugh together..hahahaha
i'm a picky person when it came to choosing the right sanitary pad for my monthly use. i have sensitive skin and easily got irritated every months.i tried several brands before this, but i always came back to laurier. when sample store emailed me for this review,i agreed as fast as i can.
according to survey done by kao company in japan, 7 out of 10 women have experienced skin irritations like itchiness, stuffiness and redness during periods. such discomforts occur as skin around intimate area became more sensitive during the time of the month. laurier f ultra gentle is the first dermatologically tested napkin in singapore, clinically proven to relieve skin irritations.
let's talk about it's key efficacies:

ultimate comfort - unique airy soft wavy surface reduces skin contact, minimizing friction and skin irritations

 extra breathable - airflow is channeled and promoted by the wavy surface, moisture and itchiness

quick lock & dry system - superb absorbent layer locks in fluid quickly, reducing wetness on napkin surface, leaving drier feeling & sticky-free
advanced technology - developed with japan's advanced skin science technology

premium quality - made in japan

suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skin

my review:
as i mentioned above, i'm a picky person when choosing the right sanitary pads for my monthly uses. i tried several other brands before yet i always ended up coming back for laurier. i have quite a sensitive skin and always felt frustrated when i got itchiness and redness in my intimate area. but after changing back to laurier, i rarely get itchiness and redness when using laurier and i'm glad this brand suited me well.
my advice -  always look for dermatologist tested products especially for intimate area & sensitive skin.

where to buy:
major supermarkets/hypermarkets, pharmacies & personal care stores
regular selling price is S$5.60 but as Kao's 50th anniversary coming up, there will be discount of 10% which is S$5.00. newly launched length will be 25cm and 40cm

or redeem sample from sample store
 price list

*this post is sponsored by Laurier & Sample Store - all my reviews above are sincerely my own*

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

explore: botanic garden (1)

on sunday, i felt really bored and lazy. first i thought to just stay in my room and enjoy my personal time before night classes start on monday, but in the other thoughts i felt wasted and useless -  the weather was so fine and sunny. finally i made up my mind to go visiting in botanic garden, which we never go before.

i did little searching before that and found out that botanic garden is the only botanic garden in the world that opens from 5am till 12 midnight every single day of the year, and no admission fee!! except for their national orchid garden. 6 years staying in singapore, we got to know all this information on sunday! what a shame..

we were so close to the mother's nature and definitely feeling relaxing while enjoying all the green scenery.
i started to take out my dslr and snapped photos like a crazy woman. everything seem so magical!! especially the flowers & plants

 as we walked further, we noticed that there was a banner mentioning international music day was going to happen in symphony lake starting 6pm. we rushed over to join the crowd and found a place near to the stage and enjoying all the classical music for more than an hour

we should have bring our own picnic basket and mat huh?

we only managed to explore quarter of botanic garden..hoping to do exploration again end of the month as concert is happening again in symphony lake. this round, we will remember our picnic basket and mat.

what you do on sunday?

Monday, June 22, 2015

happy father's day

this is my dad..and i love this photo so so so much. i caught it accidentally during my sister's graduation day last year and he was extremely proud of her daughter to be officially an educator aka teacher.

he didn't received much education during his younger age, and i believe he studied till primary 6 only. he knew to read chinese and little english only. yet, he tried his best to provide for his wife and 6 children and a dog. because of his background, he seldom expressed his feelings to any of us and he never say "i love you" or "i care about you" to any of us.

but me and siblings all knew that he cares for us. all of us now in different states and countries, so whenever we are home he will make sure his fridges (we have 3 fridges) are full of our favorite food. he took notes on what we love and what we don't..

he's a handyman too. he knew to repair all the stuffs around the house, we felt so safe when our father's around. and i love his smile!! always the sweetest..ever!

unfortunately, me and my siblings are not able to celebrate father's day with him this year. i called home yesterday afternoon during his lunch time and greeted him happy father's day. he seem happy and laughed little bits..and when i asked what is your wish for this year father's day? he said secret!! haha..this is my dad...strict, typical and childish at the same times..

love him, though

so, dad...happy father's day to you!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

thankful lists for the week // 25

*instagram @joselovincolors *

another week passed without doing much productive things..yet,this whole week i just sat down and relaxed before week end as when monday arrive, my night classes officially start after 2 weeks resting. and the scariest part, i haven't start a single word on my project which is due very soon. and actually i missed out one class which started earlier than expected on monday. i'm a real procrastinator here.

for the week,i'm thankful for:

-skincare samples from the face inc. this company tailor skincare products according to our skin needs accordingly using interative dr rei by answering a few of the questions about our lifestyle, habits and skin type. and i started using them for few nights now, results are quite positive!

-first bookfair happening in the west of singapore. mister and i are addicted to reading recently, thanks to goodreads. and when there is bookfair happening around singapore, both of us will be there to support a little. all the books are selling in superb affordable prices which no one could resist.

-exercising on tuesday night. i always struggled to change to jogging uniform after returning to my room aka comfort zone. but with too much food, i have to exercise a bit to prevent blood clot happening.

-yesterday, mister and i went for a walk around city to enjoy the evening breeze after dinner. it was fun to see people escaped from their nest and enjoyed their saturday night chit-chatting with friends by the riverside. some were much polished from head to toe ready to hit the night hard while some were just wearing tee-shirt and shorts walking around, listening to the music from the nearby pubs.

-food again. i'm bless to be able to stay in a country with so much good food. no one will ever ever resist all the local food that singapore provides. me too, hence no intention to diet anytime soon.

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..even to the littlest and simplest things.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

thankful lists for the week // 24

*instagram @joselovincolors*

i'm pretty excited for for the whole week, probably because there is no night class and i'm free to do what i wish to do after work. of course, i spent my time wisely as i don't wish to waste them too. once in a while i felt pretty bad about myself - when there is a chance for me to get higher education,i started to complaint how much time i have to spend on exam & assignments..whereas before i registered myself to night class i always wish to get more knowledge.hmm..i started to learn there is no regret after choosing the path. and no turning back too!

for the week, i'm thankful for:

-all the food that i ate for the whole week. my instagram have slowly become "foodstagram" soon..

-evening jog..ever since i quit myself from fitness center, i stop exercising too. slowly,i found myself growing horizontally. mister and i both agreed tuesday should be our exercise day.

-tea break at local coffee stall is always so comforting..with a novel in hand

-able to witness all the beautiful sunset with my own eyes..i'm a big sunset's lover

-safe journey to kuala lumpur, mister's hometown on friday night..his mum cook too much food for us, and we stuffed ourself too much too :)

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..even to the littlest and simplest things.  

Thursday, June 11, 2015

father's day gift guide under S$100

once, i read a statistic mentioning that most of the people nowadays celebrating mother's day rather than father's day..i was quite surprised. for me, i guess father is equally important as mother too. though i said so, unfortunately i will not be back to my hometown to celebrate father's day this year as me and siblings just met our folks last two months ago. but i will definitely make a phone call to greet my dad.

for those who will meet up with their dad on this special day, have you thought of any presents yet? here,i did a little sharing of gift guide for beloved daddy under S$100..

hope you enjoy reading :)

for the sporty & adventurous daddy
1) 13L backpack water bag rucksack hydration pack (orange/grey)

for beauty-conscious daddy
2) panasonic ES-SL41 rechargeable shave wet/dry

for kitchen-lover daddy
3) next halogen oven

for traveling daddy
4) botung 3-in-1 expandable travel luggage bag black

for fishing daddy
5) portable sonar 2.1" LCD fish finder alarm

all the gifts above can be found in lazada (one of the website that i collaborated with) which is one of the largest e-commerce online shopping website in singapore and south east asia

beside that, you can try to use shopback (a new platform for lazada). all you need to do is just to click on lazada shop and do your shopping as per usual. meanwhile, within 48 hours you will get the cashback (getting "real cash back" beside from discounts and deals and bank in to you bank accounts or paypal).

happy shopping and enjoy your day to the max!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

a story behind the man & a message to myself

 *photo taken at east coast park*

today, while waiting patiently for mister to fetch me i did a little talking session with my male coworker who is from the same hometown as i am.

he shared his family stories with me and i was speechless when he told me he lost his youngest brother few years back. his brother was 22 years old athlete and leaded a healthy lifestyle with no smoking and no drinking, yet one day he had serious chest pain and being sent to hospital for checkup. later, doctor diagnosed his brother with third stage liver cancer. at that time, my coworker was admitted to hospital in singapore due to serious accident *while talking, he showed me his thick scars in his left arm* his family never mentioned anything to him about his youngest brother until in the final critical situation which he needed to return home as soon as possible to see his brother for the last time. after that first call, second phone call came in shortly informing him that his brother passed away. he said: that moment onwards, i don't know what is the meaning of returning home for christmas ever since my parents & brother passed away.

i gave some motivation and comfort to him after hearing the story behind this man. his story trigger and awaken me a lot and suddenly i realize that i didn't make a phone call home since week ago.working life is busy which sometimes making me confuse which is more important. life is fragile, so appreciating every moment is such an important task to-do in daily life.

 *pictures taken via google*

this will be the reminder post for myself..

do you have any story to share?

Monday, June 8, 2015

evening walk at bedok jetty

i used to hate doing outdoor activities with mister. i'm a girl who rather staying in my room or air-conditioning shopping mall instead of walking and facing those mother nature's beauties. as i grew older (30 years old weeks ago) i started to learn to appreciate more my surrounding and stop complaining about life.

on weekend, mister and i went to expo for the computer fair and book sales. i ended up carried a bag full of fiction novels which i started to worry once i made the payment when i will be able to finish reading them all. mister is so supportive and volunteered to pay whenever the payments are for buying books. he's a bookworm!!

we ended stopping at east coast park for an evening walk and dinner before ending our sunday. we went to the bedok jetty which is the longest fishing jetty (250m) in singapore, located at area f of east coast park. the jetty was fully occupied with locals who loves fishing, cyclists and joggers. we parked ourself on one of the stone bench, enjoying the sea breeze and captured some sunset photo before dusk. the sky was so blue before sunset arrived. i lifted my head towards the sky and admiring the shape of the clouds, accompanied with soft music from the radio by one of the local behind us..everything seem so magical. life is good!

sunset was so amazing and beautiful!! a few photos being captured below: