Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Review: Faith in Face Hydrogel Mask

Ever since new semester kicks in, I have been really really busy with almost everything. Times never seem enough for me. I have being traveling a lots lately between Kuala Lumpur & Singapore by bus express. It was tiring, of course but both of us never felt boring for the activities arranged. But unfortunately, i have been neglected my skin lately. I did felt my complexion is dull and my pores are getting so huge *again*
I have been trying out Faith in Face masks recently. Faith in Face, the no.1 Hydrogel Mask Brand in Korea, was first launched in 2012 by a multi-national team of young comestic experts from Korea, Britain and Canada after 3 years of research and development.

Faith in Face believes in using only organic and naturally derived extracts, such as vegetable collagen, essentials oil, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and free from parabens and mineral oils. Most importantly for animal lovers, Faith in Face DOES NOT perform animal testing on their products.

How cool is that right?
There are 5 different variants available:
1) After Shower Look Hydrogel Mask
2) Nourish Me Hydrogel Mask
3) Black and White Film Star Hydrogel Mask
4) Miss Invisible Pore Hydrogel Mask
5) Hold Me Tight Hydrogel Mask

I was privileged to receive first 3 masks to try out :)
How to use:
1) After cleansing, carefully remove the thinner protective film from the top and bottom masks to expose the smooth surface
2) Apply the smooth side of the masks to your face
3) Remove the thicker protective film and adjust fit on top and bottom masks to the curves of your face
4) After 30 minutes, remove the mask and discard, gently pat your face with fingertips to help skin absorb the remaining essence
My review:

When I first opened the parcel, my eyes went BIG!! The masks packaging are so vintage and adorable. Every piece of mask packaging has a girl's photo and personally I thought it is cute. Honestly, applying hydrogel mask onto my face was a difficult and messy procedure but luckily they split the mask into two sections which make everything easier. Once application, my skin felt cooling and no irritation occurs.

The hydrogel mask will not dried up even after 30 minutes, instead I found that my skin was refreshing and moisturized pretty well. I can noticed that my pores were getting smaller and complexion was brighter than before.

I did not edit my skin condition in the photos above..and honestly I was amazed with the results in photo 4!  Faith in Face did a good job in creating such an amazing beauty product!!

Where to get:

Anyone interested can purchase from Watsons for S$14.50 (box of 3 sheets)


You may click "LIKE" from FaithinFaceSG Facebook page to get more details

*this post is sponsored by Faith in Face & Sample Store - all my reviews above are sincerely my own*


Kay said...

Great review, I've never tried this brand before, but I'm going to have to look into it - I've been looking for a nice face mask, and this one sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing <3


trishie said...

Sounds great, and very good pricing too!

Jen Hsieh said...

I'm in love with the packaging! So adorable. And I've never seen a mask split into two sections before!

So cool that it worked so well. :)


Jasmine Hwang said...

Face masks always feel so good on the skin but I never have time for them! Hopefully I'll be able to pamper myself with one soon... :)

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