Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tasting Event -- Irresistible Golden Samurai Burgers

If someone ask me - where is your favorite fast food restaurant? My answer will be McDonald's restaurant. Growing up, McDonald's occupied a corner in my heart and whenever i felt moody or in need of "comfort food"..this is the best place for me to dine in. And I will always stick to the same burgers forever until the day before yesterday....

I felt privileged to be invited by OMY Blog Club and McDonald's Singapore to attend an exclusive tasting session for the upcoming launch of the all-new Golden Beef Samurai and Golden Chicken Samurai burgers.I felt really nervous attending this event as this was my first time, but everyone welcomed us with open arms. We were been asked our choice for burger for the night and I went for Golden Beef Samurai.
Delight in a tantalising mix of sweet and savoury as the goodness of a classic Samurai Burger - juicy chicken or beef patty dipped in Teriyaki sauce, topped with creamy sauce and crisp lettuce is combine with a refreshing burst of sweetness from a grilled pineapple ring. This delicious combination is then served in between toasted oat bran buns.

I totally savored the whole Golden Beef Burger in not more than 10 minutes.I was hungry, yes I am..but trust me - Samurai Burgers are really really tasty especially with the pineapple in between. The photos below did not do the justice as I adjusted the wrong lighting from my camera.
Complete the Golden Samurai experience with Seaweed Shaker Fries and Mocha flavored McFlurry with caramelized biscuits - a delicious blend of soft serve, crunchy, buttery cookies and coffee flavor. The Mocha flavored McFlurry with caramelized biscuits is available from S$2.90.
Each Extra Value Meal, which includes a Golden Beef Samurai or Golden Chicken Samurai burger, French Fries (M) and a refreshing glass of Coca-Cola (S) will be available from S$7.85.

The Golden Beef Samurai or Golden Chicken Samurai burger, Seaweed Shaker Fries (L) and a Green Tea (M) will be available from S$8.95.
Beside tasting Golden Samurai burgers, we got to know new friends/bloggers and each of them are very friendly and down-to-earth person. We chit-chatted and laughed over jokes made from Sylvia, a cheerful girl and snapped too much photos from the photo booth.

The night was GOOD and SATISFYING!!

p.s. The Golden Samurai Burgers will be available from 29 October in McDonald's Singapore, while stocks last. Faster try it out won't regret!

*Thanks OMY Blog Club and McDonald's Singapore for the invitation*


Kay said...

Those look so cool! :) I try not to eat meat but these look really fun, doubt we will get them in the UK, though. Thank you for sharing! x


trishie said...

So cool that you're amongst the first to try the new Samurai burger. I'm suddenly craving the seaweed shaker fries - it has been years since I last had them!

Sybil said...

oohhh that's so cool! we don't have that here!! :D

Have a great day!
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jenn f said...

why don't we have this here?!?!? lol not that i need to indulge in McD's but i wish we had more interesting flavours in north america. i love going to asia to see what sort of menu items they have.

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