Saturday, October 17, 2015

review: say NO MORE to the period leakage with Kotex Luxe Ultrathin

I went to Langkawi on 8th October and how "lucky" i am that my period came on 7th October - a day earlier. That moment i felt really frustrated - no one likes to go vacations in a heavy flow of period moments. As Sample Store sent over the new Kotex Luxe Ultrathin, I packed it together with me and off to Langkawi.
The new Kotex Luxe Ultrathin equipped with the new technologies such as :

New Honeycomb Liquid-Locker which is designed to rapidly absorb and lock away fluid to prevent back flow so that your skin will feel dry and comfortable

New Ultra Comfort Cover which designed to deliver both dryness and softness, helping to provide the ultimate experience of a high performance pads.

New Surround Lock Protector designed to provide you with additional security and leakage protection
My past experience - my skin is quite sensitive and I get rashes and redness so easily that sometimes affected my mood for the whole day. Therefore, I'm very picky in choosing the right brand and the right pads for my period time.
As i have heavy flows for the first few days of period, i brought the whole pack of Kotex Luxe Ultrathin 32cm to Langkawi. I was quite worried that i face the same situation from my past experience and leakage as sometimes it may be hard to find a toilet to get change when you're in the foreign country.
Anyway, it was not worth to worry too much. I have a very pleasant experience with Kotex Luxe Ultrathin. :)

"This is the pad that will help you realize that overnight period leakage is never your fault"

Yes, so true! I felt the new technologies that used on the pads are really did their functions pretty well. There was no period leakage, no redness nor rashes, feeling dry all day long during my 5 days trip -- I wore 32cm pads in the morning and night. I was truly amazed, honestly. This is definitely my new favorite brand now!
Beside that can we give more credits to their black, mystery with lace details packaging filling up with oh-so-colorful pads in it? and extra extra credits to the drawstring on top of the package. This new design is so convenient to bring out and making my "period time" colorful.

Interested? You may get it for S$5.95 per pack at all the leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

Otherwise you may redeem FREE SAMPLE from Sample Store or Kotex Facebook Page

*this post is sponsored by Kotex & Sample Store - all my reviews above are sincerely my own*


Jen Hsieh said...

It definitely is the worst feeling having your period while you're on vacation. But I love how the packaging has a drawstring feature, that's genius!


jenessa Sheffield said...

I always enjoy stopping by your blog!