Saturday, October 24, 2015

Review: Creme Simon Sample Kits

I'm a girl who love trying out new skincare products and even receiving free samples from various beauty companies. Well,who doesn't love free samples,right? Few months ago, while browsing through blogs, a few local bloggers made introduction and positive reviews about Creme Simon.I was curious as I never heard of the brand before and immediately clicked the link to find out what it was about and guess what, no U-turn after that.

Creme Simon is a natural French skincare brand from France and slowly, Creme Simon have became one of the most favorite brand in Singapore. Guess what, Creme Simon is tailored to the unique conditions of the climate therefore behind each packaging there are icons resembling 4 seasons. Creme Simon is free from parabens, alcohol, silicones, sulfates and colorings.

After registering myself in the main page, I made a few exploration and found out that Creme Simon did gave samples for customers to try out. Their samples are not in sachet (which I think is superb inconvenience), instead they gave generous amounts in a small tubes.

These are a few samples sent over via mail and i tried out each of them within a few weeks:

Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub (S$68)
This is one of my favorite scrub ever! I've been using the samples ever since they mailed over and now the original size is included in my weekly skincare routine too. It contains small beads which helps my skin to achieve fine and smoother version.

Lymphatic Contouring & Lifting Gel (S$98)
It's a gel turning into oil to do the massage job on the skin to get the lifting effect. I tried for twice and it is indeed a great massaging gel as I definitely seeing some lifting results on my face. The residue left is not too oily which i used tissue to wipe off or wash with clean water.

Oxygenating Light Day Moisturizer (S$95.01)
I use this as a day cream after toner and before sunblock. It is easy to penetrate into my skin and helps brighten up my complexion. And it is not oily! The smells is relaxing and great which helps boost up my mood for the day.

Restorative Sleeping Mask (S$68)
This would be my another favorite sample beside the scrub. I love sleeping mask as I'm pampering myself while sleeping. Don't you think this is the best invention in the beauty world? Sometimes I'm just too lazy or no time for applying mask..and thanks to sleeping mask, my skin is getting so good and cooperative the second day. It is so easy to do makeup the next day with a luminous skin. Totally worth to purchase an original size.

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Stay beautiful, girls!!

*This is NOT a sponsored post but with clicking to make a purchase, I may get some profits. All of my reviews above are my own opinions*


May Cho said...

Ahh, I actually really love the sample packaging, haha. They sound wonderful, and ooh, I want the sleeping mask!


theglamandglitter said...

Wow these products sound interesting! Thanks for sharing, loved your review :)

Check out my blog if you want:

Tamara xxx

Kay said...

Never heard of this brand before, but I really like the sample packaging! :) <3 These sound amazing, thank you for sharing! x

Following on GFC :) <3


Ice Pandora said...

Ok that's really really a generous sample size!
Have fun trying them out c: I'm looking forward
for your review!
Xx Ice Pandora

Anna said...

Thanks for the helpful review :) Had a look at your other posts as well (congrats on your new bag!) and now following you :)

Anna xx

Sybil said...

great! thanks for sharing! :D

Have a great week!
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angelina said...

I love that the samples are in tubes and not packets - they're so much easier to use that way! I think it's great they offer samples, that way you don't have to worry about expensive products not working out. Definitely going to check this out - I've been looking for a better exfoliator and cleanser!

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