Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Explore Singapore -- USS Halloween Horror Nights

As long as I remember, I've never been to Halloween Party or Halloween Events before ever since I came to Singapore. Each year when October arrived, I will started to influence mister to go Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Nights..and he rejected me every.single.time

I never give up wanting to experience the Halloween Nights in USS. Surprisingly, mister agreed to go this year together with my bunch of friends. Thanks to Alex, we got early birds tickets which came with free Halloween mugs. I waited really patiently for the day to come and finally, last Saturday was the night to enter the Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Nights!! My friends and I were pretty excited!!!
There are four haunted houses, three scary zones a few rides and souvenir shops available for the horror night. As we heard plenty of feedback mentioning they don't have quite enough time to visit all the attractions due to long queues, we decided to go as early as we can. Our goals were to finish all the attractions to cover back the entrance fees. Crowds started to build up when we arrived at the entrance. The gate opened exactly 7.30pm, my friends, mister and i ran as fast as we can to get to the one of the haunted house. this was how desperate we were that moments - no one ever know how long the queue was.

haunted houses:
true Singapore ghost stories: the MRT
hell house
tunnel people
siloso gateway Blk 50

scare zones:
the invaders
hungry ghosts

other attractions:
revenge of the Mummy
battlestar galactica: human & cylon
transformers the ride: the ultimate 3D battle
enchanted airways
scared shrekless
puss in boots' giant journey
canopy flyer

i visited three out of four haunted houses. i'm a very timid person who prefer romantic movies over thrill/scary movies. i put a HUGE courage to enter all those haunted houses, preparing for the worst to come to my face. my friends were in front of me while mister was behind me to protect me from "danger". although i knew all the ghosts/vampires/monsters were "made from real humans", the lighting and music did their magic to create spooky and creepy environment....which freaked me out!! i screamed a lots!! and shivered the whole times i was in the haunted houses..

some makeup were too real & professional..and i started my wild imaginations wondering when the full moon come, will they turn into "real monsters"? will they starts to search for blood to feed their desires? will we become their victims? will they tear our flesh? eeww.. enough of these stupid questions! now, i start to freak out again.

below are a few photos from the spooky night, i blurred out my friends' face for privacy purpose:

the quality of the photos are terribly bad..and and we can't snap much photos as some attractions did not allow photography.

before we left, we visited souvenir shops to sooth our nerves. each of us sweated too much, too sluggish and in need of air-conditioning. too, we snapped photos :)

do you went to Halloween party too? do share your experience with me :)


Ice Pandora said...

I've never been to a Halloween event either, YET!
This one sounds fun Jose! Despise the long queues
and I'm actually a real scardycat :P Overall
I hope you did have fun and yay for the free
mugs?! Xx Ice Pandora

Kay said...

These photos are so much fun, it looks like you had a fabulous time! :) <3 I've never been to a Halloween event myself, but wow, it looks like such a blast! :) Thank you for sharing, dear. <3


Jen Hsieh said...

I'm glad he finally gave in and went with you! This looks like so much fun; Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays. :)