Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Explore Malaysia -- Langkawi Day 1

hello everyone,

i've been missing from this blogging world for few weeks now, trying to recharge and refresh and did a lots of bonding moments with better half. a week left before new semester start, one side of me really wish time would stop at this moment yet the other half wish to start class as soon as possible.

few weeks ago, i started to plan for a trip to langkawi during october. my siblings and i promised each others to bring our parents for holidays at least once a year and since last year my sisters sponsored penang trip, this round is on me. langkawi is an island which, my family and i wish to visit for quite some times now. i started to plan the whole trip myself since two months ago *insert proud face*

i picked to go last thursday (8 october 2015) as i'm in the middle of school breaks, and mister is available too. and i use this trip as a birthday treat for my dad as his birthday falls on next month. unfortunately, not all my siblings are available for the trip. two of my sisters are working and one of the brother is in school. the leftover us did tried our best to make the whole trip worked pretty well.
Langkawi, which is known as "Langkawi the Jewel of Kedah" is located somewhere around northwestern of Malaysia and neighbour to thai's border too. and this island is a duty-free island and full of historical places for discovery.

from Singapore, we took mas airlines and transited in KLIA before another flight to the Langkawi. we reached langkawi airport in the afternoon and my parents and siblings arrived shortly too. i rented a car from RST Car Rental for RM70/day and the owner waited for me in the airport and after signing some papers, we grabbed the key and drove our way to check-in at Cenang Inn Langkawi.

after settled down a bit, we drove to look for duty-free shops for beer & chocolates hunting. as Langkawi is a duty-free island, all the beers and liquors are definitely the first choice to grab and i even found out that drinking beers and liquors might be cheaper than drinking mineral waters or fruit juices. we bought several types of beers and ciders and chocolates as our room have fridge. oh, mister and i were extremely excited seeing somersby apple cider on the racks with price tags of RM4.90! this price is 50% cheaper than the one that we purchased in 7-11 or supermarkets. hence, shopping for apple ciders started!

after done with the shopping, we drove to Langkawi Eagle Square - Dataran Lang which is located at Kuah. this is a-must-go-attraction in Langkawi hereby there is a gigantic manmade sculpture eagle poised to take flight. as the attraction is located at the southeast of Langkawi, we managed to witness the most beautiful sunset ever. and i was so reluctant to leave the attraction as sunset always have a place in my heart. i always adore sunset and hopefully to witness sunsets in every different corners of the world.

we ended the night by dining nearby our resort at Cenang Street. everyone were hungry and we finished all the dishes.

below are some photos from day 1:

have a great day!


Audrey Lin said...

It's unfortunate that not all your siblings were able to come on this family trip, but at least they can live variously through your blog! I visited Langkawi a few years ago with my family on a group tour. Normally I despise group tours, but I remember really enjoying this one and being stunned by the beautifully blue water. I don't go to beaches often, but the ones I visited here have been one of my favourites thus far! I wish that I had started blogging back then so that I'd have pictures to look back onto :') -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

ann bill said...

I hope that i can have a trip to Langkawi, and it looks very beautiful


Carmen Varner said...

What a bummer that all your siblings weren't available to be a part of the trip, but perhaps they will be there next time. I would love to go get some duty-free beer & chocolate. It's a match made in heaven. :]

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