Wednesday, September 9, 2015

review: my beauty diary - vanilla moisturizing aroma mask

if you have being long-time reader in my blog, you may aware how much i adore beauty masks and how important masks are in my beauty routine. i even did a few reviews about sheet masks on here, here, and here

"my beauty diary" is one of my all-time-favorite-masks in this beauty world. it is one of the leading taiwanese skincare brand and slowly became no.1 selling mask in singapore, hong kong & taiwan. "my beauty diary" offers huge varieties of sheet masks and eye masks with an affordable price to suit everyone needs.
this round, i tried vanilla moisturizing aroma mask which functions as moisturizing and nourishing agents for skin. vanilla sounds "ice-cream" to me and i was excited to try it out, imagining my face with a layer of vanilla ice-cream. ha!
i always amazed with the sheet masks produced by "my beauty diary" as the size of the sheet masks are definitely fit comfortably on "bigger face feature" like me and the sheet masks are in the perfect structure to deliver serum into my skin layers within that precious 20 minutes.
did i mention that this masks smells great? i felt relaxing while using the mask :)
 and the ingredients as below:
although most people applied masks for 20 minutes, i always went for 30 minutes if the sheet mask was still in the wet condition. and i always always amazed with the results after application.
as i have busy schedule lately, i totally ignored my skin conditions. i started to have redness and huge pores around cheeks area. after one application, i saw amazing results. my skin was smoother than before. my complexion was brighter and my pores were smaller. below are the non-edit photos as a prove.
no ugly women, just lazy one - am i right?

the pros:
-effective results after one application e.g smoother skin, smaller pores, brighter complexion
-affordable price (S$14.50/10 pieces) - you may purchase online
-sheet masks cover perfectly on "bigger face feature" e.g me!
-do not contain paraben preservatives and alcohol

the cons:
-sticky feeling after, which i have to wash off with water after serum drying up

how much i love this product: 8.2/10

*i got this sample mask from sample store, a tryvertising website*

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