Friday, September 4, 2015

and that's ice cream - as simple as that

recently i realized that the simplest thing in this world could make me feeling blissful and content too, and really worked well in turning my mood from superb negative to positive again.

and that's ice cream - as simple as that

school holidays started two weeks ago and i'm totally enjoying every moments every day. before that of course, i went on with a stage of revision and examinations. which was depressing as i worked on daytime too. i underwent a critical situation where 24 hours were not enough for me, i'm truly poor in time management.

yet, i try to face every pieces of tension bravely and now i felt free!! during that time, i remembered ice cream gave huge motivations to me.

ice cream can heals everything in this world. whenever i have difficulties, ice cream is the best soothing dessert which helps me to relax and think a little wisely. i'm glad i found my comfort food. you should try too :)

ah, please forget about that stupid calories when you eat ice cream

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