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review: palmer's white & even dark circle correcting eye treatment and dark spot corrector

my mum always advise me to take good care of my skin before pregnancy she faced hyper-pigmentation after she gave birth to me and my 5 siblings due to hormone changes. even i'm not ready for pregnancy yet, i'm glad that she gave such a precious advice to me. while for me, i always thought UV rays is the most scariest as "brown soldiers" underneath my skin will come out immediately to protect my skin whenever i expose to sun..  

therefore, i always added whitening products to my skincare regimen. and this summer, palmer's launched their white & even series for us - ladies. i have tried dark circle correcting eye treatment and dark spot corrector for almost two weeks now, and can't wait to share all the benefits with my readers.

palmer's white & even dark circle correcting eye treatment

formulated with vitamin c (antioxidant agent), caffeine extract (caffeine helps encourage microcirculation to the delicate ckin around the eyes), skin nutrients (plump and moisturize) and sheer luminizing veil (brightens shadowy under-eye areas)

the benefits:

-brightens dark circles & under eye shadows
-helps improve microcirculation
-reduces puffiness
-firms and lifts

a cooling metal tip applicator to de-stresses and de-puffs eye area and is ideal for non-messy, on-the-go application
the ingredients:
my review:

eye treatment or eye cream is a must in my daily beauty regimen. i have puffy eyes and dark circles which i still trying to find a way to cure them. as i always slept late and faced desktop whole day, i guess the only cure is to use the right skincare products and increase my sleeping hours slowly. i tried palmer's dark circle correcting eye treatment for almost two weeks, everyday in the morning before makeup. i really love the coverage of sheer luminizing brighteners as i used it as eye treatment and concealer before my makeup. i used the cooling metal applicator to massage a little and it helps to de-puffed my eyes a little bit and my dark circles seem to be lighter than before application. some days, my eyes area got really dried and skin started to peel off a little too.. but since i used palmer's, i did not face this problem. so far so good :)
before & after:
the "after photo" was taken after applying eye treatment and fake lashes, and before i put foundation and concealer.

how much i love this product: 9.8/10

 palmer's white & even dark spot corrector
this effective formula delivers a concentrated dose of advanced ingredients to target doscoloration such as age spots, dark spots, post-acne scars and sun damage to even skin tone and reveal a brighter, more radiant and uniform complexion. formulated with an extra strength combination of tone enhancing complex and songyi mushroom, a japanese mushroom extract known for its pigment-perfecting properties. the blend works synergistically to visibly improve discoloration with regular use.

tone enhancing complex consists of:
cocoa butter-smooth marks & scars
synovea-lightens age spots
soy-restores skin luminosity
niacinamide-targets unwanted discoloration
vitamin c-brightens skin
licorice extract-improves tone & texture

recommended for all skin types and tones
the ingredients:
my review:

i was so in love with this product the first time i started using it. the scent is so comforting and relaxing that i almost apply onto my whole face. trust me, you will love it when you smell it!! i used this product for almost two week every night before sleep. after toner, i applied generous amount of dark spot corrector on the targeted area with cotton buds. again, the smell is awesome!! i was glad that i have a fresh dark spot which was created days before i receive dark spot corrector for me to do the experiment. the results was surprisingly awesome. the dark spot started to fade after a week and now it is almost invisible..i guess the results is so visible on me perhaps the dark spot is a fresh one.

before & after:
the scar was created from a pimple. as i mentioned, i really did put a generous amount of dark spot corrector onto my skin every nights..and now the dark spot seem so invisible on my skin.

how much i love this product: 10/10
how to get it:
avaiable at all leading pharmacies, departmental and cosmetic stores, watsons, guardian, BHG, john little, essentials pharmacies, and nishino pharmacies

dark circle correcting eye treatment: S$22.90 for 15ml
dark spot corrector: S$29.90 for 30ml

here, a video too:

*this post is sponsored by Palmer's & Sample Store - all my reviews above are sincerely my own*

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