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review: biore UV aqua rich watery gel spf 50+ PA++++

as mister and i went to explore on our bike a lots recently, i noticed my skin went darker. i always like fairer skin compare to darker one. and whenever my skin turned darker, it is hard to return to fair skin (which i may need to lock myself in room without any outdoor activities for more than 3 months to get slightly fairer skin). sometimes i have to remind myself to apply more sunscreen before any outings.

-there are no ugly women, only lazy ones-
helena rubinstein

recently sample store sent biore uv aqua rich watery gel for me to try out. i was glad to try out immediately before outings and started to love this sunscreen. 
a 2014 benchmark survey commissioned by kao singapore revealed a surprising find - that only 30% of women between the age 12 till 49 years old use a sunscreen daily. 

i'm in that 30%!!
product benefits:

-superior double UV block with enhanced spf 50+ / PA++++
-maximum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun
-retain its light and watery texture that allow smooth application without a sticky feel
-infused with hyaluronic acid & citrus extract to keep skin hydrated and fresh
-suitable for application on face & body
did you know?:

prolonged exposure to sun's UV rays without proper protection can cause permanent effects such as premature skin aging, wrinkles & freckles, discoloration, sallowness, dryness and skin cancer (the most serious).

UV rays classified into different wavelengths, known as UVA & UVB.

UVA rays penetrate into deeper layers of our skin and also dominant tanning ray while UVB cause the most damage to the outer layer of skin such as reddening of skin or sunburns which can cause long-term damage to skin's epidermal layers.
sunscreen products are rated based on two rating systems, known as skin protection factor (SPF) and the PA rating system.

the SPF rating determines the duration of time your skin stays protected against UVB rays from the sun. the calculation method - SPF rating x (no. of minutes for skin to darken under sun) = no. of minutes skin is protected under UVB rays

PA rating is a japanese rating system that show how much protection you are receiving from UVA rays. the higher the number of pluses, the greater the protection against UVA rays. currently the highest standard of PA protection in industry is PA++++

 the ingredients:

my review:

i don't really like applying sunscreen or lotion to my skin as i always felt they making me feeling sticky and uncomfortable. but i can't let myself exposed too much under the sun, so i always reminded myself to apply sunscreen before any outings. i tried out biore UV aqua rich watery gel even before i received sample from sample store..and i already liking it. the formula is easy to apply and absorbing fast too into the skin. the texture is watery and non-sticky at all..which is my biggest concern before started to use sunscreen. i always applied a thin layer before outings and have to re-apply after a few prevent sunburns. i'm quite comfortable with the packaging size too as it is easy to bring out..
and i did a test on the biore sunscreen.. to prove it is not oily after application (please let it absorb into the skin for a few seconds). i used oil blotting paper to test on my skin. ended up, i'm satisfied with the results :) 

how much i love this product: 10/10 (lovin' it)
how to get it:
available at all leading pharmacies, departmental stores, super & hyper markets, beauty stores and selected mini-marts for S$18.90 / 90ml

*this post is sponsored by Biore & Sample Store - all my reviews above are sincerely my own*

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