Monday, June 1, 2015

this month-june

*photo taken at bedok jetty*

craving-a mug of cappuccino to satisfy my thirst for starbucks
eating-burgers from big box almost every weeks, cheap and huge!
listening to-spotify, steam engine by my morning jacket (weird song)
going to-buy coach tickets to go back to mister's hometown middle of the month
wearing-as casual as possible, perhaps slouchy tee with skinny jean everyday?
working on-how to concentrate reading a book till the end
obsessed with-taking photos with my canon 600d
planning-to return to my exercise routine, one step at a time
excited for-school breaks to arrive as soon as possible, in a week time..hooray
hoping-i can do well in my midterm test, after all those test contribute 20% for the final
starting-to collect 50 cents & one dollar coins for my piggy bank..curious how much i can save
finishing-my hard disk space, i can't believe i used up all the 4gb for photos only

*this month post is inspired by kelsey,love her blog so much*

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