Saturday, June 6, 2015

thankful lists for the week // 23

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this week have been real good, no complaints here. no 'monday blue' for this week as monday was holiday and we spent the day cuddling and lying on bed doing nothing much except watching movies and napping. and this week is the last week i attended night class before mid-semester break for two weeks. two weeks!! two weeks is definitely 'golden weeks' for me nowadays. although in between, i have assignments to be done, but i promised myself to enjoy my "golden weeks" to the max.

for the week, i'm thankful for:

-smooth exam on wednesday's class. i swear i did not do any revision on microsoft access and i only start learning since a month ago. since office and my personal computer did not have latest version of microsoft access, i can't even do any revision. i have to pay full attention in class in order to know the steps to create those queries/forms/macros during exam. and lucky, i think i did pretty well in exam. results will only be review after the holidays. can't wait..

-supper consisted of kiwi fruit. ask me what's my favorite fruit,i might answer you kiwi. i love kiwi, i love the sourness and sweetness of the kiwi and i love staring at the inner beauty of the kiwi.

-bookfair in suntec convention centre. i realised that not all bookfair sell books in cheaper prices. we went down to suntec convention centre hoping to get some good deals in books..unfortunately mister ended up nothing in hand and i bought one non-fiction novel for $6.50..mister is very sensitive in pricing and he jotted down most of the prices of his favorite books, so that he can make comparisons which dealers sell cheaper. conclusion, bookfair may not be cheaper.

-found perfect jeans from h&m. as i'm curvy girl, not every piece of jeans suit me and sometimes it's quite frustrating when shopping involved pants/jeans. therefore,i don't own more than 5 pairs of jeans.i just hate shopping for jeans. i have to shop this round as my old jeans was so damaged that when i wore it you can see a hole under my butt. now make a guess how old is my jeans?

-a cup of cappuccino & white chocolate yuzu cake satisfied me..perfect pairings to end the week :)

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..even to the littlest and simplest things.

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ice pandora said...

Yeah usually fairs aren't always cheap places
to find bargains :c
I was for example at a anime/manga/game
convention and hoping to score some good
merchandise but the stuff there seems to be
even a lot pricier!