Saturday, June 27, 2015

review: laurier f ultra gentle heavy day 25cm

let me tell you a story before i start my review.

my period came when i was 12 years old. my mum filled me up with enough information about all this transitions from little girl to lady even before i was 12. and i was pretty confident i will be able to manage the stage well. when the first period came, i was pretty nervous but ended up handling everything well, according to my 12-years-old-self and never referring my mum for the guideline on how to wear the pads.guess what, i placed the sticky part of the pad to my "skin" instead of my panty. bang!! this pad was useless,can't even absorbed the blood.. i thought that time. until one day, i heard my girlfriends discussing about the pads and the way to wear it. lightning struck to my head directly - i placed the pads wrongly!!! how embarrassed was that! well, this was my teenage-time memories. now,please laugh together..hahahaha
i'm a picky person when it came to choosing the right sanitary pad for my monthly use. i have sensitive skin and easily got irritated every months.i tried several brands before this, but i always came back to laurier. when sample store emailed me for this review,i agreed as fast as i can.
according to survey done by kao company in japan, 7 out of 10 women have experienced skin irritations like itchiness, stuffiness and redness during periods. such discomforts occur as skin around intimate area became more sensitive during the time of the month. laurier f ultra gentle is the first dermatologically tested napkin in singapore, clinically proven to relieve skin irritations.
let's talk about it's key efficacies:

ultimate comfort - unique airy soft wavy surface reduces skin contact, minimizing friction and skin irritations

 extra breathable - airflow is channeled and promoted by the wavy surface, moisture and itchiness

quick lock & dry system - superb absorbent layer locks in fluid quickly, reducing wetness on napkin surface, leaving drier feeling & sticky-free
advanced technology - developed with japan's advanced skin science technology

premium quality - made in japan

suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skin

my review:
as i mentioned above, i'm a picky person when choosing the right sanitary pads for my monthly uses. i tried several other brands before yet i always ended up coming back for laurier. i have quite a sensitive skin and always felt frustrated when i got itchiness and redness in my intimate area. but after changing back to laurier, i rarely get itchiness and redness when using laurier and i'm glad this brand suited me well.
my advice -  always look for dermatologist tested products especially for intimate area & sensitive skin.

where to buy:
major supermarkets/hypermarkets, pharmacies & personal care stores
regular selling price is S$5.60 but as Kao's 50th anniversary coming up, there will be discount of 10% which is S$5.00. newly launched length will be 25cm and 40cm

or redeem sample from sample store
 price list

*this post is sponsored by Laurier & Sample Store - all my reviews above are sincerely my own*

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