Tuesday, June 30, 2015

review: etude house color my brows

i'm lucky to say that i inherited my parents DNA (obviously!)..both parent have little hairs around their armpits and legs which mean me too :) and i rarely shave (please don't be jealous) but everything have pros and cons - God is fair to everyone. i always envy those girls who have thick and dark eyebrows where they don't have to worry much about eyebrow pencils out-of-stock or hair dresser accidentally washed off their brows which they spent hours to draw a nice one or worried everyone looking at her when swimming as if she's an alien without brows.

i started drawing my own brows when i was 17 and my brows never being perfect drew. my sister faced the same problem and she went for tattoo. she has the courage! while i don't..i never thought of tattoo-ing my brows as i scare of needles. lame,i know! and i started to find alternative ways to draw my brows perfectly. i watched too much beauty videos and read too much beauty articles on perfect brows.

few months back, i bought color my brows from etude house after i peeked on someone videos again. after struggling on using it for months finally i found the perfect brows for myself. etude house color my brows offers different shades to suit personal skin colors/hair colors. while i'm asian with slightly darker hairs, i choose the nearest color
from left to right: rich brown, light brown, red brown, natural brown, blonde brown

and this is the color that i choose - rich brown which is the darkest color in the color my brows range. as pictured, i have being using it everyday now and the label printed have faded a little.
the brow mascara combs is lookalike normal mascara wands, and use to set, shade and moisten my brows for better definition. the packaging is quite small which is superb convenience for me to place in my makeup bag. as i use it daily, the content can last for more than 3 months without drying. at first i was too worried that the color may not suit me but ended up this color is just perfect!!

as you can see from picture 1, i don't have much brows which i felt devastating sometimes. i always applied brow mascara to my non-existing brows. i applied the mascara according to the direction of the growing hairs, it's okay not to be perfect this round. please don't go opposite of the brows or else you won't get a perfect brows shape. let it dry for a while..while i took out my eyebrow pencil. depending on my mood-of-the day, my brows shape will vary. normally, i will thicken up the brows by overlapping the brow mascara which i already applied to get the shape that i like. final step, use the spool brush to wiggle it over your brows to get a clean and sexy looking brows.
and here's the proof of before & after.. yes,my brows were in disaster conditions all the while
cheers to nice brows now :)

the pros:
-convenience and light making makeup packing easier
-value for money, get it from etude house for S$13 only
-the colors suits asian girl like me - natural looking brows
-brush wand is easy to apply without messing up
-non-drying formula as i use it daily
-easy removal with makeup remover sheets or water-proof makeup remover

the cons:
-hard to create arch of brows if only using brow mascara

how much i love this product: 9.5/10

*this is not a sponsored product*


Ice Pandora said...

Lucky you to have minimum armpit/leg hair!
I am kind of the opposite :P But I also do
have thick eyebrows o:
Glad this product works well for you!
Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

Jasmine Hwang said...

You are so pretty in these photos dear! I typically don't do anything to my brows, but I was just in a wedding where I got my makeup done and I have to say it makes a huge difference to have your eyes brows done!

be the plebeian

Jo said...

Thanks for the share! I really need some eye-brow stuff--I was born with half eyebrows or something XD hahaha. I'll check it out :D

XOXO Jo | Opal + Opal