Monday, June 8, 2015

evening walk at bedok jetty

i used to hate doing outdoor activities with mister. i'm a girl who rather staying in my room or air-conditioning shopping mall instead of walking and facing those mother nature's beauties. as i grew older (30 years old weeks ago) i started to learn to appreciate more my surrounding and stop complaining about life.

on weekend, mister and i went to expo for the computer fair and book sales. i ended up carried a bag full of fiction novels which i started to worry once i made the payment when i will be able to finish reading them all. mister is so supportive and volunteered to pay whenever the payments are for buying books. he's a bookworm!!

we ended stopping at east coast park for an evening walk and dinner before ending our sunday. we went to the bedok jetty which is the longest fishing jetty (250m) in singapore, located at area f of east coast park. the jetty was fully occupied with locals who loves fishing, cyclists and joggers. we parked ourself on one of the stone bench, enjoying the sea breeze and captured some sunset photo before dusk. the sky was so blue before sunset arrived. i lifted my head towards the sky and admiring the shape of the clouds, accompanied with soft music from the radio by one of the local behind us..everything seem so magical. life is good!

sunset was so amazing and beautiful!! a few photos being captured below:


Jasmine Hwang said...

Evening walks together are definitely one of my favorite activities, and they're even better in the Spring and Summer when the nights aren't that chilly :) The views here look amazing. You two are so cute always!

be the plebeian

Audrey Lin said...

At my school's spring fair last year, there was a stall that was selling books for really cheap prices. I ended up staying there for three hours, sitting on the ground with a book in my lap and a pile of books surrounding me. The person heading the stall was so amused by it that she even snapped a picture of me just sitting on the ground reading haha. I used to not like going out much either. I lived in Beijing the last eight years. Going out feels gross because of all the pollution. This past year I moved back to the States for college and I'm really starting to love the outdoors and appreciate the beautiful weather :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's