Monday, June 1, 2015

essential light finish volumizing & deep cleansing care shampoo and conditioner

ever since i started using essentials haircare last year, i was sold. essentials have been landed some trust & love in my heart which slowly, became a brand i will go for whenever i have issues with hair. once, i heard my sister and some friends mentioned that they washed their hair twice a week only, which sounds crazy to me!! i can't even go out of the house a day without washing my hair. my scalp got really oily middle of the day and sometimes i received split-end after a few washes. my heart aches whenever i noticed such a problems occurs..
..but my issues solved immediately once essential launched their new haircare range last year.

just like facial skin having oily and dry zones is known as "combination skin", hair that exhibits such mixed behavior is known as "combination hair". yet, we always ended up dealing with one hair issue at a time although we might have two different types of hair.

perhaps some might use two different shampoos. light, clarifying shampoos and conditioners targeted at oily roots caused hair end to be drier it already is. nourishing shampoos and conditioners for dry hair may be too rich for the scalp, resulting in excessive build-up at the roots, giving you that uncomfortable, oily feeling by mid-day.

no worry..

the new improved essential range, with the optimum combination of smart cuticle care & sebum cleansing technology in the light finish volumizing and deep cleansing care variants, i can achieve moisturized hair ends while maintaining a refreshed, breathable scalp.
as i had tried deep cleansing care before and the results was awesome, this round i gave light finish volumizing a try too. i love the results after wash. previously, my scalp got oily so fast even before lunch time but after a few wash using "light finish volumizing", i noticed that my scalp can managed to maintain its cleanliness till late evening. there was no split-end at the end of the hair surprisingly smoother than ever that i can't stop myself from combing my hair using fingers all the time.

now wait no more because..

for a limited time only, essential is also giving out a massage shampoo brush with purchase of shampoo and conditioner. a massage shampoo brush is a common haircare tool in japan and is used by the majority of japanese women to help remove dirt & sebum from the scalp. the massaging action on the scalp helps improve blood circulation and promote relaxation. now you can scalp massage without visiting saloon!!

oh, and for those who did manicure, using brush to wash your hair helps prolong the nails too :)

essential shampoo (750ml) + conditioner (750ml) with free massage shampoo brush in hot pink or mint green available from mid-may 2015 at all leading supermarkets and personal care stores for S$19.60 only.


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*this post is sponsored by Essential & Sample Store - all my reviews above are sincerely my own*

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