Wednesday, June 10, 2015

a story behind the man & a message to myself

 *photo taken at east coast park*

today, while waiting patiently for mister to fetch me i did a little talking session with my male coworker who is from the same hometown as i am.

he shared his family stories with me and i was speechless when he told me he lost his youngest brother few years back. his brother was 22 years old athlete and leaded a healthy lifestyle with no smoking and no drinking, yet one day he had serious chest pain and being sent to hospital for checkup. later, doctor diagnosed his brother with third stage liver cancer. at that time, my coworker was admitted to hospital in singapore due to serious accident *while talking, he showed me his thick scars in his left arm* his family never mentioned anything to him about his youngest brother until in the final critical situation which he needed to return home as soon as possible to see his brother for the last time. after that first call, second phone call came in shortly informing him that his brother passed away. he said: that moment onwards, i don't know what is the meaning of returning home for christmas ever since my parents & brother passed away.

i gave some motivation and comfort to him after hearing the story behind this man. his story trigger and awaken me a lot and suddenly i realize that i didn't make a phone call home since week ago.working life is busy which sometimes making me confuse which is more important. life is fragile, so appreciating every moment is such an important task to-do in daily life.

 *pictures taken via google*

this will be the reminder post for myself..

do you have any story to share?


A C Y H O Z said...

this is truly a beautifully written article with a wonderful meaning behind it and I'm glad i've read it. Sometimes, (or most of the time) I forget the most important things in my life. I forget to care, think and love about. I'm starting to be egocentric and to fucus more on money which makes me forget true love and happiness.

Josephine Jane said...

Love this post.