Tuesday, June 2, 2015

8th years anniversary involved dragon boats,fresh juice,book sales,tea break and some ramblings

i remembered the night before, mister reminded me again to set alarm as we need to wake up early the next day for the dragon boat races in marina regatta. ended up, we still late for the event. the weather was so good and it was indeed a scorching hot day, which i totally regretted that i should apply another layers of sunblock once i stepped out. and a sunglasses too!

mister's co-workers took part in the races too and got second place in the first round. mister was the camera man for the races in the first round and we went off before final as the weather was too hot..there was another guy took over his place as camera man.
we rode our bike to the east side for the book sales. but we got too hungry that we had to stop in juice bar a while. we tried beesket for the first time and totally love their juice so much. beesket has variety choices of fruits to choose and mix, we tried lemon, pineapple and pear..awesome!

we bought too much books from the sales. both of us trying to adopt reading habit as much as we can and reading has became so much fun when we do it together. the best place to do reading is while enjoying a cup of cappucino/mocha in starbucks. oh, with a slice of cake of course. starbucks is a very good place to read and relax. we stayed there for almost two hours before we went home.

our celebration was simple and we celebrated in the minimal cost. yet, it was so good!! i love spending my time with mister..happy 8th years and looking forward to many many years more.

have a wonderful tuesday, you guys :)

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Jhanz A. said...

Yay, happy 8 years and to many beautiful more years to look forward to. <3