Tuesday, May 5, 2015

this month-may

*unusual phenomenal - half sky raining heavily and another half the sun was shining brightly*

craving-burgers..i need the big one with plenty of cabbages and mayonnaise and thicker chicken patty
eating-home-cooked meals for the past few days as i went to visit my parents
playing-nothing interesting..life is pretty boring lately as i don't have much time doing other stuffs
listening to-xo from john mayer, i need music to keep me awake
going to-bath soon, just returning from work. today is an exhausting day
wearing-dresses everyday,this is my plan for the month
working on-how to spend $100 in a week without struggling
obsessed with-blogging, my blogging mood is returning again. yeap!
planning-what to get on my birthday and anniversary..both happening this month *excited*
excited for-weekend to arrive..nothing better than saturday & sunday. don't you agree?
hoping- & praying for nepal's survivors to stay strong..*praying for the best here*
starting-new semester in school..this semester's subjects have been harder than ever
finishing- to clear my photos in iphone piece by piece. i accumulated more than 6k photos there..not finish yet since last month

*this month post is inspired by kelsey, love her blog so much*


Jasmine Hwang said...

Isnt that the best feeling in the world? Going home and not having to cook and getting to enjoy homecooked meals. SO GOOD

take full advantage and enjoy


Lou CastaƱeda said...

Home cooked meals are always the best! aaah :)

Audrey Lin said...

I have one more week of school, then a one week retreat, and then I'm headed home! Home cooked meals are what I'm most looking forward to :) And also my own bed, which is a lot more comfortable than a college dorm bed haha -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's