Sunday, May 31, 2015

thankful lists for the week // 22

this whole week was perrrfect!! i felt like i was living in a princess's life. we did several activities together and although some misunderstand in between, everything else were just amazing! life is so good. and whenever i felt life is good, every scenes that i saw were positive too! i guess it was because i'm feeling content and pleasant with current situation.

for the week, i'm thankful for:

-8th years anniversary on saturday. i can't believe we have been together for almost a decade and our love has being growing stronger each days. of course there were arguments here and there but we fixed it superb fast and tried not to bring all the angers to the next day. perhaps, this might be the secret for growing old together as a couple? we'll see..

-smooth exam on monday's night. night class has started since a month ago and before mid-semester break, i need to sit for a test. i felt butterflies in my stomach whenever i heard "test" or "exam" coming up. i don't have ability to cope with stress and my stress tolerance is low..i gave myself pretty hard time last week to finish all the revisions for four chapters before monday. and i was so so so glad that the exam was easier that expected, which mean i have confident that i will get good marks.

-popular's book sales shopping spree on saturday's noon. i love to shop especially for new clothes, skincare/makeup or books. mister bought me to the books sales event in expo and both of us added some books to our rack. hoping that i can finish some of them soon

-witnessed dragon boat's competition for the first time. the company that mister works with was joining for the dragon boat's competition and he had been given a task to video the competition. and i joined in as a supporter too. the experience was great and i took a few photos too. will update in another post..

-movie date with mister for new released saint andreas movie. a highly recommended movie that you must watch! :)

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..even to the littlest and simplest things.

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