Sunday, May 24, 2015

thankful lists for the week // 21

happy happy weekend!! i conclude that i spent my week stress-fully enough to make myself gone crazy. when a human resource officer met up with tons of resignation letters from employees, i'm sure every human resource officer will burst into tears,right? recruiting new peoples ain't easy task. and when a part-time night class's student did not understand what is costing all about, yet when lecturer questioned her is she okay and she answered yes (yet deep in heart it is not okay)..she burst into tears again. i'm just that weak person who burst into tears whenever problems came. but that's alright as week like this never happen too many times in a year. and week like this definitely deserve some documentary to memorize and to remind myself how strong i can get through it

for the week, i'm thankful for:

-#withoutshoes by #toms.. i always admire the "kindness & giving spirits" that toms has and would definitely love to support them too. with just a photo of #withoutshoes, i can help children in needs. i'm in the middle of eye-ing one of this

-handmade blouse by my mum that i'm wearing now. she's a talented woman!

-feeling myself again. i have been unwell for sometimes and getting healthy again is superb awesome, though still coughing a bit

-a few hours rain in a day did gave me some comfort & cooling sensation. i hate scorching sun in the afternoon!

-early birthday celebration by coworkers. rainbow's cake is yummy & colorful :)

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..even to the littlest and simplest things.

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