Monday, May 25, 2015

it's my birthday today..officially 30!!

*photo taken a day before today, a day where i was still 29*

today is my birthday, and i'm officially entering new stage of life. 30 sounds scary at first but today i'm feeling a lot more confident and smarter than 30 sounds more interesting and not as scary as i thought.

to welcome new stage, i pampered myself with a little spa yesterday night. i took out a few beauty items from cabinet, deep-conditioner for hair - body scrub which smells awesome! - razor for shaving those ugly armpit's hairs - plucked those rude eyebrow's hairs - and scrubbed my face with creme simon's scrub

my parents and siblings greeted me early morning today and i thanked my mum for giving birth to me. my mum even declared that i'm officially an adult now..which making me felt a lot more powerful than ever.

mister celebrated my early birthday on weekend as i will be taking exam tonight. this man treated me like a queen for the whole weekend, and i can't be thankful enough.

happy birthday to me!! cheers to 30!!

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