Sunday, May 10, 2015

happy mother's day

three words to describe my mum:

- noble -
- strong -
- beautiful -

my siblings and i gathered in kl last week to celebrate my mum's early birthday and early mother's day. my mum spent her every pennies carefully and the money always goes to the right ways, so when she found out that we bought a cake for her, she started to nag. what is a meaning of birthday without a cake,right?

she's always the woman who couldn't spent her money wastefully.

she's the woman that can work 365 days without any rest day just to earn more for her kids
eventhough she worked 365 days, she still kept some times to chat with her kids just to understand more on their daily happenings in school and she even prepared lunch and dinner for her kids too

whenever we need advice, our first thought is to find her. she's the wisest woman in our life that give the best solution for our problems

she's a master in everything, she knew how to knit, sew, cook, bake, etc.. ask her anything she will give you the answers - unfortunately those DNA never passes down to her daughters haha

she always complaint that her skin started to sag and wrinkles appearing and till now never give up looking for a better skincare too. she even plan to book appointment for skin lifting surgery. but mum, please remember those wrinkles made you such a beautiful woman. and your beauty is from your heart, not your wrinkles.

she love photography and posing in from of camera too
sometimes she may be annoying as she could nag all day long, but once we cool down we still think her advices are the best for us.

she tries to be her children's best friend, and she's quite successful in making those relationship work.

she's the first one to support any decisions that i made.

she's skinny and petite which mean she can wear all her daughters' clothing without any hesitation. we are like "giant" beside her..not too sure how she could gave birth to me and siblings (6 times)

each times i went home, i noticed my old folks' grey hairs and wrinkles. i knew they may not be with us forever and ever but i pray each day that they stay as healthy as possible. no one could replace them in our heart.

so, mum..happy mother's day!! lovin' and missing you here..

what's three words to describe your mum?


Joenah Joyce said...

The cake is sooooo cute! :)
Happy mother's day to your mom :)

- Joyce |

Ice Pandora said...

Happy Mothers Day :)
Your mum is indeed
beautiful (totally
don't need the skin
lift surgery!!) and
strong ^_^ XX

Lou CastaƱeda said...

omg the cake :) it's like all in one. and also, happy mother's day to your mum :)

Kandice Limbaga said...

Happy Mother's Day to your mom!

Jasmine Hwang said...

What a sweet dedication to your mom! She is a beautiful lady! You two are so cute together and that cake looks DELISH!

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