Wednesday, May 13, 2015

hada labo perfect gel // 3 in 1 intense hydration

guess what? weeks ago,i joined a giveaway organized by sample store. till today, i can't believe that i won that giveaway. the winner name is my name, and i had to rub my eyes twice to make sure i read it correctly. lucky draw,giveaways, contest & etc are never giving me any luck before, so this time i was overjoyed and too excited for winning the giveaway. the prize was beauty products worth $5o which the organizer had couriered to me. one of the product is hada labo perfect gel. 
i knew this brand and i ever tried their super moist light toner too, and the toner is in my top 5 favorite brands. as the packaging mentioned that this gel can be use as essence or sleeping mask or moisturizer, i tried using it as sleeping mask/night cream as i always believe sleeping time is the best time to heal our skin.

the texture of the gel is quite watery and lightweight, and the scent is so soft and relaxing. honestly, this is my first time trying out sleeping mask and i get too anxious as i'm not sure what the results after waking up the next day will bring me..
to my surprise, my skin felt superb moisture, soft and supple the second morning when i wake up.since then, i had being using this gel as sleeping mask for 2 weeks now and my skin is getting better and better..who will predict a giveaway prize will help in beautifying my skin so much? below is the before & after photo after application before sleep. photos may not do too much justice on how good this product is..

*please ignore my eyes bag,please*

before that,my skin seem to be dehydrated as i always stayed in air-conditioning room. some parts is rougher and am quite concern on this problems too. after application, i felt my skin is smoother and moisturized than before.
have you ever tried sleeping mask before?

p.s. this is not a sponsored review, i just think this product is too good not be share.

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