Tuesday, May 19, 2015

carina lau sea lily whitening mask

i remembered the first impression when i saw carina lau mask was "wow,i must get one for myself - the packaging is so elegant and expensive".. i knew,don't judge a book by it's cover..but trust me,this mask is awesome!

i knew carina lau as an elegant, confident and beautiful woman who never grow old. i admire her beauty and her intelligent from the inside out. hence,i do believe the mask will give some miracle too..

a little introduction about carina brand:
*information taken from www.carinalau.sg*

carina,exclusively for asian woman skin care brand. the founder, carina lau ka ling founded the brand in 2014. carina lau is a well-known international movie star, a very noble, elegant oriented woman who has not changed or grown old making her beautiful face more beautiful and enigmatic woman.
there is a legend of the fountain of youth in euthopia can be forever young and dynamic people, this beautiful story to carina infinite yearning and inspiration for her own set scientific initiation healthy body experience to share out thoughts for those who do not usually contact to her people also benefit, so that the skin remains transparent firm, moist and glossy, carina brand was born.

how to use it:
i'm a girl who believe mask always did the best trick to porcelain, smoother and translucent skin. i have plenty of sheet masks supply in drawer to cure all the stubborn problems that i'm having currently. the stock are too much that mister started to complaint about it. :O
although i have different brands of masks available, some may not did a much justice as carina mask gave after an application.
carina mask has wide sheet which is very sufficient for my wide face, which i concern the most! the scent of the mask is light and flowery which definitely gave much relaxing feeling during pampering session. after mask application for 20 minutes, i massaged the remaining essence onto my skin and let it dried for a while. i can noticed that my skin looked fairer and firmer than before, and my pores were getting smaller too. these were the results that really amazed me! but i had to wash off my face after that as i felt the mask essence was too sticky on my face. yet it didn't bothered me much as my skin was smoother than ever :)
have you ever try carina lau mask? or any other brands?

i redeemed this sample mask from www.samplestore.com using my member's points that i had accumulated for a while.
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Kandice Limbaga said...

Yep you are right! it looks elegant. I want to try new facial mask, I haven't heard of this. Maybe I will buy one when I find it in local stores. Thanks for sharing :)


Jasmine Hwang said...

I haven't tried one of these facial masks before! It looks so refreshing and I could really use one right about now after a long day of work... :)

be the plebeian

Ice Pandora said...

Oh I love Carina Lau! I've been
growing up with watching her
tv-shows haha :P she doesn't
seems to aged doesn't she!
Anyway this mask sounds good c:
You look very refreshed!