Tuesday, May 26, 2015

30th birthday celebration

30th sounds adults and am still trying to get use to the number so that i won't circle wrongly whenever any forms or particulars need to be fill up.

i told mister few days before my birthday that i want a huge celebration for my 30th birthday as i will be officially an adult soon. mister is not a romantic guy and he always prefer to arrange every activities under my acknowledgements. ya, this is my guy... can't blame him much since in the first place i already knew this is his way to make things work.
my co-workers threw a surprise birthday's cake for me on friday's afternoon.. and the cake was so colorful that i don't even wish to eat it. they knew me,i always wanted a colorful cake and here they got me one. so happy and surprise! oh, i even got a birthday's present from one of the co-worker too.

as my birthday fall on monday, we celebrated on the weekend. we went for hotpot in one of the famous hotpot's restaurant in town. when i mean famous=expensive too. we wished to try out as there were a lot of positive reviews on their soup and food served. overall, the food was alright but i definitely love how the waitress served us like a king! as we never make a booking, we waited for an hour before enjoying our dinner..

every year, i forced mister to buy me a slice of cake for birthday. this round, i ordered a box of macaroons with different flavors from the icing room. this was my first time trying our macaroons, the experience was fun and full of curiosity. my favorite was the blueberry flavor..

i snapped a selfie in a toilet which i rarely did.. but i did it on 30th.
we watched a movie together for the weekend. pitch perfect 2 was awesome!! highly recommended for those who haven't watch it..please do so.

mister asking what i want for present..still thinking though.

30th birthday's celebration seem simple but full of meaningful activities together with love one. definitely cherish this memories forever.


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