Thursday, April 2, 2015

this month-april

craving-home-cooked meals, my mum has those magic hands or maybe magic woks..
eating-veggie patty in wrap from subway every day..i never get bored
playing-have you ever try kim kardashian's game application in iphone? that's addictive!
listening to-huang xiaohu-ban 黄小虎 -伴 such a romantic song
wearing-anything that can make me look slimmer? i need that kind of dress
learning-to read every night before jump into bed, making it a habit
going to- my hometown in 6 more!!! miss my old folks
working on-practicing yoga and stretching in my small room, have to utilize all the area
obsessed with-youtube and kim kardashian's game
planning-how to debt-free with this year, mister is really serious about this now..
excited for-good friday as this day is public holiday which is tomorrow!
hoping-there's no rain on sunday as we are going to attend the easter party on sunday
starting-to think about my future, what i really want to be..such an emotional thought
finishing-clearing my photos in iphone..those pictures took too much space in my phone

*this month post is inspired by kelsey, love her blog so much*

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Audrey Lin said...

I'm learning and working on the same things! I was doing so well with my GoodReads 2015 Reading Challenge at the start of the year, but as school has picked up, I've fallen a bit behind :s I was recently inspired by a blog post to attempt a 30-day yoga challenge. In fact, after my laundry finishes in 10 minutes, that's what I'm going to do! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's