Saturday, April 18, 2015

thankful lists for the week // 15 & 16

hello readers..after having more than 10 days break from blogging,finally i'm ready to come back to my blog. i felt refreshing for having a quick break from internet world and at the same times mister and i went back to my hometown to visit my parents. as internet line sucks in hometown, i decided to do "thankful lists" for two weeks in a post. we went home for 7 days and i totally enjoyed those days in fullest mode. i was treated as a princess while i was home. my dad bought bird nests for me to build up my collagen and my mum cooked delicious and yummy food for us every meals. since my siblings are not around, mister and i ate most of the food ourself without sharing with anyone (bird nests soup is the best for not sharing!). i realized 7 days passed really fast without anyone noticing it and i was terribly homesick on the first day returning to singapore. i tried to control my emotions yet i burst into tears during dinner in nearby food-court and it was embarrassing moments as some people started staring at my weirdly. well,i'm doing okay now..homesick have slowly started to disappear from me. :)

for this 2 weeks, i'm thankful for:

-seven days annual leave..of course, seven days are totally not enough for a person who live in a far far land away like me, but i definitely appreciating these seven days gotten me to create so much memories with my parents. my mama and i went for early morning yoga and my dad and mister went for their gardening experience. it was so much fun!

-mother's nature beauty..we went to visit my uncle who raise chickens, ducks and gooses for a living. he even planted coconut tree, pepper trees and etc..and some flowers were blossoming beside the house too. every where looked extremely colorful and relaxing..i was amazed by the beauties of mother's nature creations

-mas airlines..although there were some sad news on mas airlines last year, but i was feeling grateful that this round mas airlines gave us a safe flight and journey back and forth singapore. and of course, the great weather did a pretty good job too!

-charles & keith blue tote bag..after using it for a year plus, it is time for me to throw it away since some parts have been fallen down. thanks for serving me so long..mister bought a new black tote for me in airport before our departure and currently i'm lovin' it so much.

-souvenirs from sister went to korea few weeks ago and she is so nice to buy some skincare products for me. korean ladies always have those flawless skin that i feel so jealous into, probably because of their skincare products. therefore, i can't wait to try out samples that my sister gave..

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..even to the littlest and simplest things.


Sarah Rizaga said...

Aww this made me miss the house of my grandparetns they raise chickens and pigs too, their house is just so nature-y hehe. Lovely post btw, love the flowers.

Jasmine Hwang said...

Those flowers are beautiful my dear :)

So glad that you were able to spend time with people who you love! I'm glad that the homesickness is going away and that you're able to enjoy the time in Singapore!

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