Tuesday, April 7, 2015

hainan chicken rice ball in jalan besar

if you ask me to introduce local food in singapore, i may quickly answering you "chicken rice". singapore is so famous for the local chicken rice that sometimes i got confused which chicken rice is the best since every food courts are selling the same cuisine..

mister and i love love love chicken rice. you might not believe we spent most of our weekend eating chicken rice as our brunch.we definitely have our favorite stall to go..

few weeks ago,i came across blogger introducing hainan chicken rice ball located at jalan besar. i was being attracted by the word "rice ball" as i can find chicken rice ball in malacca only.

we went down during lunch hour..ordering for chicken rice balls was easy peasy. the owner asked mister how many persons eating. mister answered two and the owner said okay,have a seat. that's all..
the owner served pretty fast, i guess he don't like customers to wait too long for food. each of us got two huge and compact-molded rice balls in our plate. the smell was definitely tempting!! i always love the chicken rice as the rice always tasted buttery and smells garlic & ginger..
the owner only sell white steamed chickens and braised pork. and this was the portions of two..
i like that the owner separated the chickens and braised pork in another plate rather than putting beside the rice balls. the chicken and pork were drizzled in black soy sauce to enhance the flavor, whereas i saw other stalls using light soy sauce instead.

and this was my first time being served some kind of black color soup (maybe herbal soup) containing fried tofu..oh, gentle reminder for those who can't take much spiciness..please beware of the chillies, it was superb spicy and hot! for our lunch, surprisingly we only paid S$10 which i think is consider affordable.

mister even gave 4.5/5 to hainan chicken rice ball..

shin boon hwa food centre
43 jalan besar (dickson road) *opposite sim lim tower*
singapore 208804

operating hours:
8.30am-4pm or 5pm (closing time depending on the availability)

p.s. if you're able to visit the stall, please take note on the operating hours. previously, the owner operated until 9.30pm daily but now he opens till evening 4pm or 5pm only. mister and i had been visited this stall 3 times before we finally tried the chicken rice balls as we read from some articles mentioning the previous operating timing.

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