Tuesday, April 28, 2015

a letter to self

dearest josephine,

i'm glad you make it till today..you deserve a recognition! congratulations!

i still remember few years back when you decided to move your life to singapore, a country which you never thought you will step on when the currency was extremely higher that your own country and some other countries too. but you filled up yourself with full of courage and confident to hit the sunny island.before you knew it, you was in singapore.

you spent one week hiding yourself in a rented master room, scared to face the new world. after that week, once again you filled yourself with another bucket of courage and went out alone to look for jobs. you was indeed a brave girl. you explored the local transportation and commuters with just a small reference book in your bag. i remembered you felt so great to be able walking out of the room and managed to find a job too.. it felt like caterpillar turning to a beautiful butterfly, freedom from trapping in cocoon.

in your imagination, new life seem pretty easy-going and colorful. but after a while, you realized that you was too naive. you felt helpless, discouraged, demotivated, lose all the enthusiasms and scared of the outside world. everything seem not as pretty as you thought before. you faced lot of obstacles and complications in work and relationship too. but i'm proud to say that you never gave up - you did cried and burst out a lots except giving up. indeed, singapore had taught you to become a stronger woman.

you never ever dared to let your folks worry about you. all the phone conversations were about good news, positivity and happiness. your folks always trusted that you can managed all the happening and you tried not to let them down too. they are your motivation till today.

today, once again you felt negativity again. i'm writing this letter to you just to remind me that i will overcome all the problems. no fear, just move forward..

"to be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will"
-sugar ray robinson-


josephine, as per today


Audrey Lin said...

You got this! I believe in you! Stay strong! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Jen Hsieh said...

Your strength is inspiring. Keep on overcoming all obstacles! :)