Tuesday, April 28, 2015

a letter to self

dearest josephine,

i'm glad you make it till today..you deserve a recognition! congratulations!

i still remember few years back when you decided to move your life to singapore, a country which you never thought you will step on when the currency was extremely higher that your own country and some other countries too. but you filled up yourself with full of courage and confident to hit the sunny island.before you knew it, you was in singapore.

you spent one week hiding yourself in a rented master room, scared to face the new world. after that week, once again you filled yourself with another bucket of courage and went out alone to look for jobs. you was indeed a brave girl. you explored the local transportation and commuters with just a small reference book in your bag. i remembered you felt so great to be able walking out of the room and managed to find a job too.. it felt like caterpillar turning to a beautiful butterfly, freedom from trapping in cocoon.

in your imagination, new life seem pretty easy-going and colorful. but after a while, you realized that you was too naive. you felt helpless, discouraged, demotivated, lose all the enthusiasms and scared of the outside world. everything seem not as pretty as you thought before. you faced lot of obstacles and complications in work and relationship too. but i'm proud to say that you never gave up - you did cried and burst out a lots except giving up. indeed, singapore had taught you to become a stronger woman.

you never ever dared to let your folks worry about you. all the phone conversations were about good news, positivity and happiness. your folks always trusted that you can managed all the happening and you tried not to let them down too. they are your motivation till today.

today, once again you felt negativity again. i'm writing this letter to you just to remind me that i will overcome all the problems. no fear, just move forward..

"to be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will"
-sugar ray robinson-


josephine, as per today

Saturday, April 25, 2015

thankful lists for the week // 17

currently my biggest enemy is the weather. i can survive in cold temperature but i definitely suffering in hot one. i always got all sweaty whenever i went out for a lunch, i'm lazy-ass hoping someone would help me do the takeaway instead. my new semester started on monday. i had superb blue monday on that day which i don't have already since forever. good thing is two out of three lecturers are quite young and hilarious too, good enough to overcome all those tension subjects. classmates have been double up which making the classroom full and packed. but i guess that's alright - i will get use to the environment soon.

for the week, i'm thankful for:

-saturday's lunch (is today) mister got a day off and we took the chance to have a lunch together. we choose local foods is neighborhood shopping mall and it was awesome!

-fullmoon box from coworker. on that particular afternoon, i was feeling sleepy and demotivated. but i'm a content girl when receiving surprises - my coworker walked in and passed me the full month box which content pastries and colored eggs tied up with blue ribbons. his son was one month old that day..food always woke me up!

-my another coworker (coworker again?!) yes,i have hundreds of coworkers and some did really helped me a lots. this uncle was given a lorry to do his job by the company. to go to college, i have to walk out to bus stop and transit in train and another bus again. but since this particular uncle have a transportation, he always offered himself to fetch me to nearest train station, which save me a walking distance and one bus fare. making my school's life easier :)

-my brother whose safely returning home after almost two months adventuring in taiwan. i'm kind of jealous as he got the chance to do all those backpacking journey yet i was sitting in the office - working. he posted superb bomb and amazing photos in his instagram which i urged to view every minutes. i'm glad that he was safe from the trip although he attracted some gay friends..and had been molested once. not a serious one though.. the gay just touched his body once and gave contact number asking my bro to call him.. eeww! *hopefully he's not reading this*

-afternoon's napping on rainy saturday. rain came in the right time whereas i got the chance to nap this afternoon. i don't usually nap except on saturday. so friends, don't call me on saturday as this lazy pig is napping :)

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..even to the littlest and simplest things.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

march favorites 03

march favorites

simple spotless skin deep clean cleansing pads

simple is definitely one of the most safest skincare brand in this industry. simple is known for their dermatological tested and approved, no perfume, no color and suitable for sensitive skin. i'm lucky enough to say that i don't have sensitive skin, and i'm lovin' this brand so much. i use simple cleansing pads whenever i was in rush and not much time to do exfoliation. it helps deep clean my t-zone, while the textured pads help to exfoliate my dull skin. my skin always feeling refreshing and clean after the cleansing..

creme simon brightening detox-gentle double exfoliation scrub

i did a review here for this scrub. ever since i received creme simon scrub for a month, i can't stop myself from scrubbing my face weekly. the natural jojoba & wheat beads are soft and fine which is gentle enough for my skin without drying the skin. my makeup always glides on smoothly the next day after the exfoliation.. :)

essie nail polishes (bond with whomever & go ginza)

i have a few brands collection in my nail polish box, and after using most of the brands..i thought that essie nail polish glides smoothly and dry faster. the brushes are smaller and shorter compare to others which is perfectly for my nails. essie launches hundreds of colors, yet currently my favorite are bond with whomever & go ginza..

etude house nail remover #1 mild

i have lots of other brands yet ended up still turning toward etude house nail remover as it remove my nail polish effectively clean. it is formulated with low acetone content and caster oil to safely and effectively remove nail polish. higher acetone content means higher chemical content. etude house is kind and considerate enough to produce lower chemical nail remover for their customers.

what's your favorite beauty products from march? let's us be beauties!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

thankful lists for the week // 15 & 16

hello readers..after having more than 10 days break from blogging,finally i'm ready to come back to my blog. i felt refreshing for having a quick break from internet world and at the same times mister and i went back to my hometown to visit my parents. as internet line sucks in hometown, i decided to do "thankful lists" for two weeks in a post. we went home for 7 days and i totally enjoyed those days in fullest mode. i was treated as a princess while i was home. my dad bought bird nests for me to build up my collagen and my mum cooked delicious and yummy food for us every meals. since my siblings are not around, mister and i ate most of the food ourself without sharing with anyone (bird nests soup is the best for not sharing!). i realized 7 days passed really fast without anyone noticing it and i was terribly homesick on the first day returning to singapore. i tried to control my emotions yet i burst into tears during dinner in nearby food-court and it was embarrassing moments as some people started staring at my weirdly. well,i'm doing okay now..homesick have slowly started to disappear from me. :)

for this 2 weeks, i'm thankful for:

-seven days annual leave..of course, seven days are totally not enough for a person who live in a far far land away like me, but i definitely appreciating these seven days gotten me to create so much memories with my parents. my mama and i went for early morning yoga and my dad and mister went for their gardening experience. it was so much fun!

-mother's nature beauty..we went to visit my uncle who raise chickens, ducks and gooses for a living. he even planted coconut tree, pepper trees and etc..and some flowers were blossoming beside the house too. every where looked extremely colorful and relaxing..i was amazed by the beauties of mother's nature creations

-mas airlines..although there were some sad news on mas airlines last year, but i was feeling grateful that this round mas airlines gave us a safe flight and journey back and forth singapore. and of course, the great weather did a pretty good job too!

-charles & keith blue tote bag..after using it for a year plus, it is time for me to throw it away since some parts have been fallen down. thanks for serving me so long..mister bought a new black tote for me in airport before our departure and currently i'm lovin' it so much.

-souvenirs from korea..my sister went to korea few weeks ago and she is so nice to buy some skincare products for me. korean ladies always have those flawless skin that i feel so jealous into, probably because of their skincare products. therefore, i can't wait to try out samples that my sister gave..

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..even to the littlest and simplest things.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

hainan chicken rice ball in jalan besar

if you ask me to introduce local food in singapore, i may quickly answering you "chicken rice". singapore is so famous for the local chicken rice that sometimes i got confused which chicken rice is the best since every food courts are selling the same cuisine..

mister and i love love love chicken rice. you might not believe we spent most of our weekend eating chicken rice as our brunch.we definitely have our favorite stall to go..

few weeks ago,i came across blogger introducing hainan chicken rice ball located at jalan besar. i was being attracted by the word "rice ball" as i can find chicken rice ball in malacca only.

we went down during lunch hour..ordering for chicken rice balls was easy peasy. the owner asked mister how many persons eating. mister answered two and the owner said okay,have a seat. that's all..
the owner served pretty fast, i guess he don't like customers to wait too long for food. each of us got two huge and compact-molded rice balls in our plate. the smell was definitely tempting!! i always love the chicken rice as the rice always tasted buttery and smells garlic & ginger..
the owner only sell white steamed chickens and braised pork. and this was the portions of two..
i like that the owner separated the chickens and braised pork in another plate rather than putting beside the rice balls. the chicken and pork were drizzled in black soy sauce to enhance the flavor, whereas i saw other stalls using light soy sauce instead.

and this was my first time being served some kind of black color soup (maybe herbal soup) containing fried tofu..oh, gentle reminder for those who can't take much spiciness..please beware of the chillies, it was superb spicy and hot! for our lunch, surprisingly we only paid S$10 which i think is consider affordable.

mister even gave 4.5/5 to hainan chicken rice ball..

shin boon hwa food centre
43 jalan besar (dickson road) *opposite sim lim tower*
singapore 208804

operating hours:
8.30am-4pm or 5pm (closing time depending on the availability)

p.s. if you're able to visit the stall, please take note on the operating hours. previously, the owner operated until 9.30pm daily but now he opens till evening 4pm or 5pm only. mister and i had been visited this stall 3 times before we finally tried the chicken rice balls as we read from some articles mentioning the previous operating timing.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

thankful lists for the week // 14

this week is a long-awaited week since march. friday was good friday which meant a day off for us to sleep in without disturbance of the alarm clock. working life can be boring as we have to stick to the same routines everyday, but with a day off did helped to recharge and refresh us physically and mentally. and i'm pretty excited for a new week to arrive, as we are going back to my hometown! i have in my mind for this hometown's trip to be fulfill before my part-time classes start end of the month..and finally i booked our air-tickets two weeks ago. and i'm very very excited to be home for a week..

for the week, i'm thankful for:

- a day off on friday. instead of lazing in our room, we took the advantage to do some explorations. we tried hainan's chicken rice balls in jalan besar and we went to visit tanjong pagar railway station which open during public holiday only. full posts coming up!

-mister. although i mentioned him almost every thankful posts but this week was pretty touched. i told him i wish to try hainan's chicken rice, he rode me to find this food stall immediately. i told him i want to visit historical railway station, he searched in google map for the location and there,we went yesterday. he is definitely my travel and adventure partner.

-creme simon's skin care. ever since i started to use their scrub and serum,i felt my skin tone is getting better. i have uneven skin tone since teenage and till now, i still searching for a effective way to even them out. and i noticed that creme simon gave me surprise in this..

-canon 600d dslr camera. without my babe, i can't capture memorable scenery and lovely human. and it serve me pretty well for the last 3 years..and open up my photography skills too.

-love tanya by tanya burr. i saw it in bookstore and felt in love immediately for the lovely author and colorful book's cover. bought it home and started reading all the experiences and beauty advices from tanya burr. she's an amazing lady!! and i learn a lots from her book. highly recommended!

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..even to the littlest and simplest things.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

this month-april

craving-home-cooked meals, my mum has those magic hands or maybe magic woks..
eating-veggie patty in wrap from subway every day..i never get bored
playing-have you ever try kim kardashian's game application in iphone? that's addictive!
listening to-huang xiaohu-ban 黄小虎 -伴 such a romantic song
wearing-anything that can make me look slimmer? i need that kind of dress
learning-to read every night before jump into bed, making it a habit
going to- my hometown in 6 more days..yahoo!!! miss my old folks
working on-practicing yoga and stretching in my small room, have to utilize all the area
obsessed with-youtube and kim kardashian's game
planning-how to debt-free with this year, mister is really serious about this now..
excited for-good friday as this day is public holiday which is tomorrow!
hoping-there's no rain on sunday as we are going to attend the easter party on sunday
starting-to think about my future, what i really want to be..such an emotional thought
finishing-clearing my photos in iphone..those pictures took too much space in my phone

*this month post is inspired by kelsey, love her blog so much*